Skylum’s Luminar 3 is not just a photo editing tool—it’s also a handy digital asset manager (DAM) that automatically organizes your photos. With Luminar 3’s responsive photo organizing tool, you can sort and filter your photos with ease.

Among the many digital asset management solutions out there, what makes Luminar 3 a viable option? Let’s talk about the different features that make Luminar 3 a DAM that’s worth your attention.

User Experience and Photo Organizing Features

The main focus of Luminar 3 is the unique yet intuitive user experience provided by its Library panel. This simple feature accomplishes small and repetitive tasks such as setting up your project folders, so you can start editing photos and working on your project from the moment the photo editor opens.

Luminar 3 libraries grant you easy access to all your photos within the photo editor’s interface. There’s no need to drag and drop files from your hard drive folders to begin editing. You’re immediately guided to where your photos are, even if you don’t remember where you saved them. Luminar 3 also arranges all your photos in your workspace, whether the files are in RAW, JPEG, or PNG format.

In addition to these features, what else does Luminar 3 offer when it comes to organizing your photos?

  • Import Images – Files imported from any of these supported devices are organized once they have been transferred to your hard drive. It gets better because you’re allowed to import photos straight from the Luminar workspace. You can easily transfer imported files to your designated libraries.
  • Gallery Selection – Choosing the photos that you want to include in your project is made easier with the Ctrl-click selection method. The Ctrl-click functionality selects or deselects a photo, allowing you to effortlessly choose images from among hundreds of files in your folder.
  • Image Search Filters – Aside from being able to rate images, you can also use a search filter to find the most relevant images based on your search parameters. This makes it easier to find photos that are hiding deep inside a directory.

Don’t forget that these are just some of the organizing features provided by Luminar 3. You can check out this comprehensive Luminar review to see how well Luminar 3 works as a photo editor.

Managing Files in Multiple Libraries

Unlike other DAMs, Luminar 3 features multiple libraries that can be customized and edited based on your preference. All files that you’ve used or edited are stored inside a default library, but you can create more libraries later on. If you already have multiple libraries, then all you need to do is open the library by clicking File and then Open. From there, you can find the catalog you’ll be working on.

Luminar 3 also lets you back up your library. Libraries list the history of changes made to images found in your project, so you can undo adjustments. To back up your library, simply go to File, then Catalog, and click Backup.

Freedom to Choose Between Folders and Albums

Most DAMs only use one method for grouping images, and that is either through folders or albums.

The folder method is intuitive because it simulates the same arrangement of your hard drive folders. Files branch out from only one main folder, making it easy to search for files. On the other hand, albums are user-generated groups that are arranged either by theme, project, or purpose, which makes this method a useful way of classifying images.

With the Luminar 3 libraries, you have the freedom to choose how you arrange photos. You’re able to use both folders and albums to group images inside workspaces, so you have more freedom when setting up your libraries. Luminar 3 helps you automatically sync folders and tag albums without asking you to compromise.


While Luminar 3 seems amazing, there are still some kinks to iron out to make workspaces more fluid. The good news is that Skylum continues to develop the software to provide the best user experience for all. Luminar 3 provides a handful of features for both photo editing and photo organizing. Thanks to its photo organizing features, Luminar is clean and easy to use, allowing you to focus on your project without a cluttered workspace holding you back.