Now that e-cigarettes have flooded the market today, most people are pretty familiar with them and how they work. Many have tried e-cigarettes and enjoy them. But on the other hand, most people will look surprised when you mention an e-hookah. The name even sounds strange. Well, an e-hookah is a device that most would confuse with an e-cig at first site. There are some differences as we are going to see below. However, you will notice that these two have more similarities in their functionality.

A Look at E-Hookahs

These devices are popular with people who love a classy and lavish lifestyle. If you look at the devices and their accessories, they appear different from ordinary e-cigs in style and aesthetics. But one thing you will also notice is that they too have tanks for holding e-juice, batteries and atomizers for burning the e-juice. E-hookahs are sold in different places today and are becoming popular among the younger generations and celebrities. The main reason is that you can get them in flashy colors and that they are stylish. They are also reliable just like e-cigarettes.

Similarities Between E-Hookahs and E-Cigs

By now, it is pretty clear that these two devices are used by vapers. If you have never compared them, then it is good to know that both will give you almost the same experience. The sales manager at the ePuffer website claims that it is hard to conclude that people love one more than the other. It is all about a personal preference, which creates a balance between those who buy one instead of the other.

The other main similarity is that they both use the usual e-juices. Therefore, vapers are not limited to specific e-liquid when using either one of them. What matters is how you clean the tanks to prevent leaks and contamination. Again, they both have batteries and atomizers, which are crucial for vaping. They may be using different types of atomizers and batteries, but the concept remains the same.

The Differences

Even with all the similarities, these two devices have differences that you need to know. This is one of the determinants of which one you will buy. The appearance of e-hookahs is different from ordinary e-cigs. Additionally, current e-hookah pens look very different from the traditional hookah bowls that were not portable at all.

While still on the topic of aesthetics, e-hookah pens are usually decorated on the outer side with either crystals or gemstones to look attractive. Others have blinking LED lights that respond to the puffs that you make. Indeed, they are very artistic devices. You can get them from any one of the shops that you visit online or in person. Choose the one that looks best to you.


When comparing e-cigs and e-hookahs, you should consider the highlights that are shared above. However, it is best to examine both designs before buying one of the devices. You should be sure that whichever one you choose will give you a good vaping experience.