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Home News Spruce up your PlayStation Classic with these awesome accessories

Spruce up your PlayStation Classic with these awesome accessories

The PlayStation Classic is Sony’s buy-in for the nostalgia-filled retro console sector. While it has some issues, it’s a lot of fun to use and recent hacking and modding by the online community has made it even better. Having these accessories will maximize your enjoyment. There aren’t a massive amount of accessories yet, but we will update as they arrive.

Wireless goodness

8Bitdo wireless adapter

Staff pick


8Bitdo have a proven track record of making excellent hardware for retro systems. This adapter will allow you to use any Bluetooth controller, including your PS4 controller, with your PlayStation Classic.

$20 at Amazon

Mobile gaming

Anker PowerCore 10000


Because the PlayStation Classic runs on just five watts and one amp, you can actually power it using a battery pack. This means you could play it out on the road or design your own mobile version! This pack will also charge your phone for some multitasking.

$32 at Amazon

Organization is key

TPFoon carry case


This carry case has room for everything you need in the PlayStation Classic, including extension cables and the AC adapter you will have to purchase before using it. The extra flap makes it really helpful.

$22 at Amazon

Play in comfort

10ft extension cable – 2 pack


The cheapest way to be able to sit comfortably on your couch while you play your PlayStation Classic, these 10ft extensions should give you the distance you need to play.

$8 at Amazon

Needed to play

Anker Elite AC adapter


A wall adapter is required to use the PlayStation Classic since it doesn’t come with one in the box. This Anker one is an excellent adapter and comes with two ports so you can charge your phone at the same time.

$11 at Amazon

Important recharging

PlayStation coffee mug


OK, so this isn’t strictly for your PlayStation Classic. It’s more for you to enjoy a hot cup of Joe while you play your Classic. Plus, it just looks cool.

$14 at Amazon

Even more distance

15ft Extension cable 1-pack


If you’re like me and your TV is miles from your couch, then a 15-foot cable might be exactly what you need. These only come in packs of one but two of them are still cheaper than one wireless controller.

$12 at Amazon

Unique or Younik?

Younik carry case


The Younik Carry Case is a simple, cheap carry case to hold the basic parts of the PlayStation Classic. No frills here; it’s just what you need to keep the Classic safe.

$19 at Amazon

Basic power

AmazonBasics wall adapter


Speaking of basics, this AmazonBasics AC wall adapter is cheap, cheerful, and will power the Classic if you need to be budget conscious. It works for your phone as well, but not both together.

$7 at Amazon

Extra Power

Ravpower 22000 external battery


Another fantastic power bank, the Ravpower is almost twice as powerful as the Anker. For just $10 more you can have twice as long to play your favorite games.

$33 at Amazon

Tangle free gaming

JoyRetro wireless controller


The JoyRetro lets you use a Classic style controller wirelessly. Not having cables lying everywhere is so much nicer than you think. Wireless is the future, or technically, the present.

$20 at Amazon

Ways to make the PlayStation better

This collection has a few options for the different accessories available for the PlayStation Classic. Most of them are optional of course but the Anker wall charger is really a necessity, as without a wall charger you can’t even use the Classic. The Anker has the added advantage of housing two USB ports so you can charge your phone at the same time.

Using the Classic can be a little tricky if your TV is far away from your sofa. Cords suck, so to mitigate that you should use these wicked 8Bitdo wireless adapters to use your PS4 controller in comfort. This way, you get all the comfort of modern controllers with the benefit of wireless, while still getting to play awesome retro games!

Or, if you like the nostalgia of being tethered, you could use the 15ft Extension cable to get your PlayStation Classic closer to you. That way you can still use the OG controller but you won’t have to sit two feet away from a 60 inch TV. There is always something to be said about nostalgia, after all, it’s why we buy these little consoles.


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