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How to promote your app for free

No one can measure the happiness of a person who has recently developed an app. Building a mobile application is still easy, the real task is to promote it. Until and unless your app is targeting the audience, the app is ok but if it does not, it will be lost in the pool of other applications in the market.

Developing and creating an app opens a new horizon by which one can interact with the respective audience. You are just a  click away from your audience as you have customized your app to counter their needs and demands. While developing an app, we often forget the most important step, i.e. Promotion.

You have already given a good amount of time to your app, now it’s time to promote it. Marketing an app for big businesses is still easy but for small business or startup, marketing app is a big deal. We have some quick tips and tricks through which you can promote your app for free. Let’s check them out one by one:

  • App Store Optimization- Similar to Search Engine Optimization(SEO), ASO focuses more on search relevance, keyword relevance along with keyword density. For marketing and promoting your app,one thing is important that your app is carrying a precise and informative description. If you are confused about the description portion then browse through the internet, search more and decide what should be written in the description area to make app carry some good relevance.
  • Screenshots should be catchy- These days, visuals are the way to catch attention from the users. While promoting your app, make sure you are displaying a creative and amusing screenshot in order to grab users attention. The screenshots will ensure users to understand what is there for them in the app. Moreover, you can also use catchy caption for the same.
  • Respond- There are sea full of apps available in the market, if someone is questioning you or asking you something regarding your app, you should be present there to answer them. Responding users within the time frame will make them realize, you are paying attention to their queries and giving value to them.
  • What is better than a promotional price- Initially, no users knows about your app, thus, it is essential to offer them some advantage of a reasonable app. You can also add a coupon code or any promotional thing for further purchase. This will attract more users to your app.
  • Write a blog – Blogging is another best way to promote your app. Write anything and everything related to your app, and try to bring out the specialty and purpose of your app. Focus on the most important part of your app while connecting it with your blog and make people understand how your app is going to transform their lives easier and better.
  • Use Social media platforms – 90% of the population is using social media, hence it is the best way to promote your app for free. Be active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms where your customers are spending more time. Use creative methods to engage your audience along with making them notice you more.
  • Demo video – Audio-visual medium always reflect more about your goal and aim. Videos can definitely introduce every aspect of your app. But, before showcasing the video to the audience, there are 2 things that should be taken care of.
  1. Firstly, try not to make the video of more than 30 seconds. No one pays more attention to a longer video.
  2. If possible, try to inject points like, how, why, when who
  • If possible, find influencers – Social media is certainly helping people to ease their work by offering them an accurate solution and accurate ideas. You can also try your luck and if possible, find an influencer who can promote your app. Connect with them or send them an email clearly mentioning your intent. This method, most of the time works brilliant.
  • Bloggers –  You are not required to search bloggers from other corners of the industry, just search the bloggers from your niche industry and let them use your app for sharing their reviews and ratings. This idea often works when taken in the right direction.
  • Alternative app stores – While we develop apps, we always target two platforms- Google Play Store and Apple Store and often neglect other platforms available. There are many other platforms like GetJar, Amazon Appstore, SlideMe, Opera Mobile Store, etc, where you can simply register your app. There are certainly more chances of downloading your app as compared to the famous platform.
  • Do not miss mail- No matter, whether you are sending mail for business purposes, for spreading news, piece of information or any other thing, make sure you are attaching a footer at the end of the mail about your app.

    If not footer, give a link about your app in the end, and try to include details like what is accomplished till now and what is to be achieved. Do not miss even a single opportunity at any cost.
  • How about applying for awards– Participating in an app award can certainly give you a lot of advantages. By enrolling yourself for participation, you can get lots of exposure, reviews, and plenty of downloads. Since, the chances of winning fully depends on your mobile app building criteria and idea, if things go right, you can enjoy stardom. There are certain app awards sites available:
  1. Apple Design Awards
  2. Appy Awards
  3. The Webby Awards etc

These quick tips and tricks can do wonders and can simply let you promote your app for free. What you are required to do is a lot of hard work and smart work altogether to bring out the desired result in no time.

Otherwise, there are many paid method through which you can simply market your app. In case, if we miss some point or something more should be added, let us know by commenting below.


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