AT&T launches mobile 5G in another seven cities ahead of first capable phone

Science and technology have blessed our civilization with tons of innovations that have shaped our past, present, and future. One particular impactful technology that dramatically changed the way we live our simple life is the internet. It started off as a mere tool for military communication, today it has evolved into something more pronounced, more valuable, faster and stronger – 5G.

5G is a promising internet evolution that has yet to be fully utilized. It’s technically still in its testing stage but the promises it holds already made countries like UK,  USA, China, Korea, Japan and Australia race of who can fully implement and publicly make it available to the people. Once on air, it is set to disrupt industries like transportation via AI cars, healthcare through robotics and remote surgery, banking through seamless transactions and even media and entertainment due to it’s fast downloading and uploading speed.

Not everyone has a driverless car, not everyone is going to have surgery, many banking transactions are still done traditionally, but everyone has a piece of media and entertainment they need. Whether it’s streaming a movie, listening to music or having a video call – many do it on a daily basis. So what are the disruption 5G holds for the media and entertainment industry?

Broadcasting Sports

Watching live broadcast sports is an experience closer to being in the actual arena. If you are a sports fan, you’ll appreciate the convenience and display brought by these kinds of program. But due to the latency problem carried by 4G, the broadcasting and streaming experience is not as immersive as it was expected.

5G together with its fast speed and stable latency will enable producers to capture these events with accuracy, detail and an immersive experience. We are talking about capturing the volume of the arena, player’s conversation, the environment all in once and in harmony. This can bring the sports right at the comfort of your smart home.

Change Data Packages

We live in the world where data is everything. From finance, manufacturing, social media and even medicine, data is what runs it all. With the unimaginable speed bought by 5G, data packages we currently have provided by our internet providers look small and lacking. A mere 5GB promo or package can easily be consumed in less than 10 minutes.

When people realize the blazing speed 5G is capable of, they will likely use it to its optimum state and that means the need for more data allowances and packages. The industry providers can only do nothing but adjust and give way to the new era.

AI and EI

We have seen the face of AI, Alexa, Siri, Bixby; and we are aware of what they are capable of and listening to our demands and reaction on the way they are coded to. It takes reliable internet to have them react in a reflexive way as humans. And with 5G, they won’t simply process our request or demands, they will understand it deeply through capturing our emotion.

5G is capable of enabling artificial intelligence to react with emotions and sense emotions. With the combined power of language processing, emotionally-inclined algorithms, personalized programming, and machine learning and the availability of fast internet with an abundance of data – it won’t take long until they understand what humanity and love are really all about.

Real Virtual Reality

The success and full integration of virtual and augmented reality lie on the implementation of 5G. In order for this technology to work, it needs to be able to produce a visually realistic setting and should be reactive enough to the actions we create in the real world and respond with the timely manner. In order for all this process to happen within a specified time is a fast and stable internet connection.

5G, with a speed of 1 to 20Gbps, will make AV and VR the ultimate technology for entertainment, streaming, gaming, and other events. Gaming will be more immersive than ever. Concerts can be felt from hundreds of miles away. Sports events can be virtually attended by people from all over the globe.