From it’s very early release in the year 1998, StarCraft has always managed to make its place well in the hearts of all its fans both playing as well as following till the very day. And I guess that is the very reason that the StarCraft team had managed to pull off one more series, the StarCraft: Remastered, just two years back in 2017 scoring a 9/10 score from IGN entertainment.

Also, I believe that once StarCraft made its debut into the gaming world. It also helped pave the way for other strategy games to make a place in the competitive world of digital games. With that said let us have a look into some of the other “Best Strategy games like StarCraft which you should definitely try in the year 2019”.

Total War: Warhammer II

If you are into fantasy and fiction, then this is the perfect strategy war game for you. Coming with a number of cool and mystical factions like Lizardmen, High Elves, Skaven and Dark Elves. The Warhammer II is just the perfect world to dive into and choose to belong to any faction or race you like. All you need to do after that is think like a ruler, build your army strong, conquer over lands and finally rule over all the races through skilful strategy and planning. And since, it is a turn-based strategy game, with each turn you play the chances of winning or losing a battle or an entire war is defined by how you make your choices, giving a special thrill altogether.

The Total War: Warhammer II is available in both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, making it even more fun to play with friends and families or complete stranger online. Also, in terms of the platforms that support the game. It is available for all popular platforms like Windows, Linux OS and Mac OS.

Total War: Shogun 2

This is one of my personal favourites out of all the Total War series. Being a hardcore Samurai and Bushido fan, this game has just managed to give me the shrills much needed in a game as such. And if you are someone who has a similar taste like mine, then you just cannot skip on this one here.

The whole story or plot of Shogun 2 revolves around Feudal Japan. It is a race among factions or clans to who can become the most powerful clan of all and rule over entire Japan. This game will surely take you back to feudal Japan and give you a feel of what it is to be part of the clan and fight for honour and the King. From testing your diplomatic skills to be able to win a losing battle. You can also find any similar game here at Top Ten Alternatives

This game is sure to test all. The game comes with a number of factions (clans) like the Chosokabe, Date, Hajo and my favourite of all the Takeda clan just to name a few. All these clans have their own very characteristics and strong skill sets which makes the game even more interesting and intrinsic in nature. The Shogun 2 too is a turn-based strategy game along with real time tactics where again each decision you make will automatically decide you and your clans’ fate till the very end.

It too is available for all popular platforms like Windows, Linux and OS X. Hence, making it easy for you to enjoy this game on whatever platform you want.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdom which is set to be released on May 23 this year is going to be one other most recent addition to the Total War family. And like the earlier versions of Total War games, The Three Kingdoms too is also going to be a turn-based and real-time tactics strategy game. Also, like all other Total War series, it too is pretty much based some real story line which took place somewhat in ancient China where all the three kingdoms had fought and battled their way to unify all of China and become the ultimate ruler of all. There are eleven factions in the game each having their own very qualities and features that make each battle worth fighting till the end. Also, like what we had seen earlier in Shogun, you also have the ability to carry out certain diplomatic stances which just makes the game even more interesting and fun at the same time.

The game as of now is said to be made available for all OS platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux. Moreover, like its predecessors it will too have both modes like Single Player and multiplayer mode.

Company of Heroes 2

Similar to StarCraft, the Company of Heroes 2 is also a full real time strategy game that has been set to take place at the time of World War II. The game’s main plot revolves around primarily with its focus on the Eastern Front. The gameplay of the game revolves around various aspects like Resource, type of buildings, Combat Mechanics and Weather which proves to be very crucial to decide the fate of a battle. Also, one other additional feature the True Sight lets you have a better view of the combat taking place with more precision and better understanding.

The game is available for all leading OS platforms like Windows, OS X and Linux which again lets you run it on any system of your desire. Both single-player and multiplayer modes are available in it, giving you full freedom to play it on your own or with others according to your choice. There are a number of civilizations from which you can choose from like Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Macedonians and Persians just to name a few out of the 16 total civilizations all together and hence the name Age of Empires.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

If you have been a fan of strategy games for quite some time now, then this name is sure to ring a bell in your head. The name in itself is a legacy if you ask me and there was no way I could do without adding up the name to the list. The game in itself is a small world. And by world I just don’t mean just different types of armies but also the different ages we as humans had gone through. This is one aspect of the Age of Empires which has been constant throughout its series. That is set up in a primary age and develop yourself to the most advance age of all. There are a number of civilizations from which you can choose from like Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Macedonians and Persians just to name a few out of the 16 total civilizations all together and hence the name Age of Empires.