Data is an essential component of any computer whether it is for windows or Mac. Losing data on mac OS can become a frustration that can be overcome by the use of some online recovery softwares.

There are many options available for the recovery of data in Apple products Mac OS. However, there not as many options available for mac data recovery. The best software up till now for mac data recovery is EaseUS mac data recovery software that has advanced characteristics.

1.EaseUS – Mac Data Recovery Wizard.

This Mac data recovery software is pretty simple that let you restore your lost files and data safely. You just need to install it which will then scan the directory from where the data got lost. All the lost files can be seen in the preview and hence restored easily. EaseUS provides the ease of recovering data from USB, SD card, HDD, camera and other storage devices. It is perfect for the recovery of any type of data whether it is a video, audio, document or photo etc. In a few minutes, you get to retrieve what has been lost.

2.Softtote Mac Data Recovery. 


This application is one of the best mac data recovery softwares that have been launched for Mac. It can recover a variety of data files such as bmp, jpg, tif and mp3. This software indicates the capacity of the lost files before recovering them. Though it has limited file types that can be recovered but still it provides best results in a short span of time

3.Disk Drill mac data recovery software.

 It is another data recovery software for Mac that has the additional features of Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery. It can recover the lost data from the partitions of disks as well. The recovery vault helps to make a reference file of each data so as to keep a record of all the data that has been recovered. Moreover, it gives the function of creating a byte to byte clone version of the partition so that the original data is not compromised.

4.PhotoRec – max data recovery software.

It is a free source software that is also considered to be suitable for recovering the lost data from the Mac. Its source code is freely available to the public and anyone can access it absolutely for free. Data carving is the first step which this software uses to find out the data block followed by the assembling of the recovered files


5.Minitool Power Mac Data Recovery.

This MiniTool mac data recovery software provides the option of recovering data not more than of 100 MBs as the name indicates but, its main feature is the 4 different recovery options that are not available in other softwares. These features include the:

  • Undelete Recovery
  • Damaged Partition Recovery
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • Digital Media Recovery

Such options make it easier for the users to choose the desired plan that can help them to    recover the associated data with ease.

The last word

Among the many options available for mac data recovery, EaseUS is so far the best option available as it delivers the results more precisely with good features and interactive user interface.