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How to Approach Website Development

User Experience opens doors to the success of any website. It accumulates the talent of web programmer in developing of website interface and digital analytic precise work in calculating of average website conversion rate. Of course, design is very important but the website has to work properly and fast as well. One of the most affordable technologies for back-end web development is PHP. Thus,  it’s a popular solution to hire a PHP developer for your web development needs. While small businesses tend to save money on the web development process, they usually don’t mind hiring additional specialists for UI/UX (user interface/user experience) improvement.

Website UX takes into consideration a versatile range of important factors. What it the most important, is a human experience, as it is a base for proper website work. It occurs that developers can forget about the target auditory, and focus on technological specific without paying attention to the usability of a website.

With no doubt, if you do the same, it is high time to fix this issue. Hence, if you have done it, we are going to open some tips for you to evaluate the UX of a website. There is a number of mistakes that a developer can make in user experience development.

The Importance of Web Development and Design

It is shocking that sometimes bare form, which we call a website, looks like someone created it within an hour. Poor and not interesting. That is how everything began. It is an unforgivable mistake to let your website look plain when the Age of web development started its movement.

I really like to use as an example the main page of Apple’s official website. What a talented and creative is the development team of this website. Minimal and sophisticated, no excess, just total catching of attention.

How to design a website like this one? Remember the rule – minimal doesn’t mean poor. When a customer enters the website he unconsciously perceives for himself such factors on which is built the completely successful user experience:

  1. Branding
  2. Usability
  3. Functionality
  4. Content

Going through each of these elements separately and objectively as a web developer let a customer be stick to a website in a whole.

User Experience and User Interface

Internet users are so much spoiled, as they visit different websites hour by hour, day by day. They are able to compare quality and client orienting of a webpage, according to their user experience. Why do you think that your job is done better than anyone`s website they have seen?

User experience is about usability, a user interface is about pleasant looking. You don’t need to pass psychological training for selection a necessary color for the main page. Though spend several hours on the worldwide net for finding some useful tips, like the page for making responsive website design. Punchcut design strategy firm specializes in creating innovative and user-centered experiences across various digital platforms. It can help you to understand the “magic” of putting a proper color pallet on your website for increased sales, for instance.

How to Write a Call-To-Action?

Call-to-action button not just should, but must exist within your interface. Google reports that 70% of mobile users understand a click-to-call as an important part of your website. The button encourages users to complete the response. What does it give you? It demonstrates the average quantity of showings, increases customer interest and what is more important it helps you to see your target audience.

Catch tips! See, it is our call-to-action (with no button, sure). Have a look at the most useful ones:

  1. Address to your customer. After identifying his problem put clear call-to-action
  2. Leave more space around your call-to-action
  3. Size matters, try to choose the most appropriate for your design
  4. Have this button on every page

How to Evaluate a Website User Experience

User experience testing is usually launched to undercover the best way for a website to interact with its audience. It is another layer of the whole pyramid for improving design and development working.

You can embody website user experience testing of your users with the help of resources for measuring their trust, running A/B tests and recording visitors activity,

Some resources can help you make better your website conversion optimization. It can edit colors and schedule your test with an immediate proposal of winning solution for more advanced marketers. Technics reached such a height that some tools with a video recording of your product can perform eye tracking of those who tested and what they look at firstly.

With all the bells and whistles, remember about time loading of your website. According to Neilpatel, 47%  of users expect not more than 2 seconds of loading a webpage. Also, it is mentioned that people abandon the page after 3 seconds of waiting.

Bottom line

Regardless of your experience in web development and stable opinion on user experience have in your mind that a good user experience is a crucial point of the website success. So apply all the proposed tools for measuring it, and take into account where your opinion is and where the customers’ needs are. They can be different, but a good developer never forgets about proper analytics and testing before launching its product.