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Tesla quietly drops the Model S 85 series in the UK

Most Brits can’t afford to buy a Tesla, but for those that can deciding which particular model to go with is now a little easier. The electric car company has quietly slimmed down its Model S range in the UK, pulling the all-wheel drive 85D, the performance-enhanced P85D and the rear-wheel drive 90. Now, drivers on the island are limited to four different configurations — the rear-wheel drive 70, the all-wheel drive 70D and 90D, and the top-tier P90D. There’s also the optional “Ludicrous Speed” upgrade that pushes the P90D’s 0-60mph time down to 2.8 seconds.

The lineup has been getting a little jumbled as Tesla introduces more efficient and refined versions of the Model S. The 70 models were a replacement for the older 60kWh vehicles and the 90 series is effectively the same for the 85 vehicles. In the UK, customers have had the option to upgrade their 85 to a 90 for more range and performance — Tesla says most people took up this offer, which is why it decided to pull the 85 line altogether. In other words, this is just a little bit of spring cleaning.

Via: AutoExpress