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The World’s first Tor certified phone is a Boss


CES 2015 rolls on with some great news in the Android security space.  The duo of Briggs & Spriggs announced The Boss phone alongside an Indegogo campaign.  Why is this device so important?  The Boss is the first phone of its kind in the US market, and it is a beast.  The fully unlocked 7” UHD machine sports a 1900×1200 resolution, a Meditek octa-core processor, dual sim support, and is built at the root level to include Tor support.

What is Tor?  Tor is free software that allows for true anonymity on the internet.  It does this by routing encrypted packets through many different geographically disparate hops while removing parts of the packet’s header that contain sender information.  Building this kind of technology into a mobile device at the ground level is a game changing move.  Having it at the root level will insure that your traffic is safe from certain attacks that could compromise or leak personlly identifiable information.  The makers of The Boss phone intended to have it fully certified by the Guardian Project, a group of anonymity experts.

With an MSRP of $399 this phone seems marketed to consumers wanting a high speed device with security at the forefront.  A working prototype has been constructed and the group behind The Boss is looking to its Indegogo campaign to fund full scale production.

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