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HTC and Under Armor announces partnership



Yesterday, HTC on their news channel announced a partnership with Under Armour, the leading provider of fitness footwear, apparels and equipments. The deal was not foreseeable as HTC hinted no plans to dive in this niche anytime soon. HTC, with this move, plans to release a whole new lineup of fitness gadgets that are probably aimed at the existing markets of fitness freaks and obviously Under Armour consumers.

HTC will be making devices that will be working in close cooperation with the UA Record, the newest addition to the Under Armour Connected Fitness for which UA released both the app and website at the #CES2015. Both the companies have very close resemblance in their work commitments and values namely a strong sense of design and polish in their products.

Peter Chou, CEO, HTC commented, “Mobile innovation has completely changed people’s lives in recent years, making us more connected to our world than ever before. Now we want to help people be better connected with themselves, helping them to achieve their goals and gain deeper insight into their own lives to become the best they can be. By joining forces with Under Armour, one of today’s most exciting and ambitious leaders in empowering athletes, we are taking the first step on this journey and will provide consumers with a range of connected health and fitness products and services that no other brand can match.”

HTC have not commented on any tentative time period as to when we can expect the new products but it does say “soon”.

Robin Thurston, SVP, Connected Fitness, Under Armour also had some opinion regarding this deal, “HTC is renowned for its fearless commitment to innovation, coupled with an attention to detail and premium design that makes it the ideal partner for Under Armour and UA RECORD. By applying these shared values to our collaboration, we will allow athletes everywhere to take their performance to the next level in a more connected and intuitive way than ever before.”

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Source: HTC via PhoneArena

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