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The Best Gift You Can Get For Your Favorite iPhone User

What is it about the end of November and the beginning of the holiday season that immediately puts everyone into high stress mode? We go through the Christmas season every year, freaking out each time about what to get the people in our lives. While everyone in our life is different and we may have to travel far and wide (in the mall, at least) to appease their interests, there is one thing that is usually a common denominator in everyone’s lives. Everyone owns a smartphone.


Flashy iPhone cases are adorable, glittery and can be shaped like a hamburger, but they aren’t practical. A person’s iPhone houses an immeasurable amount of personal and private data that can feel like the sum of a year, or a lifetime full of memories. They might have spent hours racking up a huge score on Candy Crush, or hard work achieving their goalson an exercise app. The thought of losing all that essential data to a hard fall on the pavement can be devastating. A flimsy case isn’t going to protect your new iPhone 6 from errant spillage, finger oils on the touch screen or sharp bump on the coffee table. However, there is a new development in the technology of smartphone design – the smartphone skin.



New innovators have created vinyl adhesives that can fit a smartphone to the exact millimeter, offering an airtight casing for your loved one’s device. A sleek and well-crafted smartphone skin is a thoughtful and considerate holiday present for your family member, significant other or co-worker, precisely because it’s practical while also being cool. The tech-y design of these skins offers hundreds of flashy alternatives to the boring black protective case. New textile prints mimic the design of leather, carbon fiber, leopard print and hardwood and styles are changing all the time. It will be easy to shop with the tastes of your loved one in mind, making you the best gift giver ever. The immaculate technology behind these smartphone skins means that they are also easy to remove. Swap your skin out for another one without leaving any gross residue or chipping behind. Your smartphone skin, made with well-crafted 3Mvinyl, won’t destroy your phone but ensures that it remains in premium condition. Your phone will be soft to the touch, but with a new look that could kill.


If you’re thinking of getting someone a brand new smartphone for Christmas, a smartphone skin could be the perfect stocking suffer. Online retailers like dbrand offer the latest iPhone 6 skin stickers and have options that aren’t usually available in stores. Look for a brand that uses top quality materials to craft their sleek designs, while also keeping their prices realistic for the market. We live in an age dominated by smartphones and the need to protect them is only increasing. A well-designed and utilitarian smartphone skin is a practical present that shows the people in your life that you care about them, and have great taste. Why not pick one up for yourself while you’re at it?

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