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Thanksgiving was Instagram’s biggest day ever


If you weren’t aware of all of the Instagram users posting up their Thanksgiving meals to Facebook and Twitter, we’re not sure how you missed them. The photo-sharing service announced that Thanksgiving was their biggest day ever, with over 10 million photos shared in the 24-hour period, peaking at 226 photos per second.

It’s already been a big year for Instagram. They were bought by Facebook for $1 billion, and the service launched an Android app to boost its userbase significantly. The growth paid off, and Instagram saw it’s busiest day in its history on Turkey Day. While Halloween may seem like the best time to post and share photos of friends in crazy costumes, it turns that doesn’t come close to the joy of taking pictures of food.

While this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, 10 million photos in 24 hours is still a pretty massive number. Last month, Instagram’s CEO named Hurricane Sandy the service’s “biggest event“, but that only garnered some 800,000 photos. Compare that to 10 million and you have yourself quite a bit more photos.

Plus, given how fast Instagram keeps adding users, we expect this record to not last long. Christmas is right around the corner, and we’d be surprised if users weren’t taking pictures of snow, Christmas trees, and candy canes. New Years is also right around the corner, which could see a surge in photo uploads as well.

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