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The Prius Replacement? 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid Joins the Rankings

Some people think the Toyota Prius is the god of hybrids. I’m here to tell you the king is about to be overthrown. It might not happen over night, but the American-made version — nay, the better-made version — is going to give the infamous brand a run for
its money.

Not yet convinced? Meet the Prius replacement. With a sleeker design, better fuel efficiency and a lower price, the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid is joining the rankings and wowing its way to the top. Interested in learning more or finding out about the fully-loaded model? Phoenix Ford dealers will gather at the annual Motor Trend Auto Show held Nov. 22-25 to tell consumers why they C-Max Hybrid is the next best thing.

What Makes It Great

It’s edgy, it’s clean, it’s fast and it’s fun. The huge windshield makes the experience of driving a C-Max the equivalent to piloting a lightweight aircraft or riding a rollercoaster, according to Mark Kennedy on Timesfreepress.com. It’s exhilarating. Hands full? The back of the C-Max isn’t missing out on any of the fun. Just tap it with your foot and the hatchback will open, allowing you to unload your items easily.

Unlike a car with manual or automatic transmissions, the C-Max is equipped with a continuously-variable transmission. That means it doesn’t have a set number of gears. Instead, the design allows for an infinite variability between high and low gear ratios, offering a smoother ride while keeping the engine near the most efficient RPM.

What Makes It Better

The C-Max trumps the Prius v in horsepower, fuel efficiency, price, space and design. Boasting 188 horsepower, the Ford hybrid beats out the Prius by more than 50 hp. Averaging 47 mpg in the city and on the highway, the Toyota wagon model falls slightly behind the C-Max at 40 mpg. But it’s not only relevant numbers that help the C-Max outshine its competition. The sleek design, thoughtful technology and convenient five-seater cabin also has plenty of space and style to boot.

With a 63.9-inch high roof line and plenty of foot room throughout, the C-Max Hybrid offers 99.7 cubic feet of passenger space. Measuring at 52.6 cubic feet of space behind the first row and 24.5 cubic feet behind the second, the car isn’t cramped, but even boasts more room than the Ford Focus. The standard cabin also features a 60/40 split-fold-flat second row, which for additional utility was designed with one-handed operation in mind, according to Autoblog.com.

The Prius v falls behind at less space behind each row and offering only 97 cubic feet of passenger space throughout. While a few inches might seem insignificant, you’d think differently if it was your head grazing the roof each time you looked out your side window.

What Makes It Sell

Equipped with a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine and electric motor, the C-Max is a zippy hybrid that won’t disappoint. Reviews report that it can launch from 0-60 mph in about 8.1 seconds. The car truly shines in the 40 to 60 acceleration department, leaving drivers without fear or doubt when passing semis or long strings of cars.

Lastly, the American-made hybrid’s affordable price knocks the Prius v completely out of the water. Starting at $25,200, the C-Max beats Toyota’s version by nearly $1,500.