Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Intel announces Atom-based storage platform for businesses and consumers


There are tons of cloud storage solutions to choose from. Dropbox, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have their own solution, and if you think there are already enough cloud storage solutions to go around, Intel thinks you’re wrong. The company is introducing its own cloud storage service with the announcement of Atom-based storage solutions aimed towards both consumers and small businesses.

The devices are essentially network-attached storage devices (NAS) that are powered by the Intel Atom D2550 or D2500 processors, depending on which NAS device you get. These NAS boxes can be used for securing, backing up and sharing content through the cloud. Companies like Asustor, QNAP, and Thecus are planning to build NAS devices that come equipped with Intel Atom processors.

Intel is marketing these platforms as a way for small businesses and even consumers to manage the “ongoing, real-time growth of storage demands.” These Atom-based storage systems will have multimedia capabilities and will support McAfee AntiVirus and VirusScan. You’ll also be able to access the cloud data through a web browser, on a mobile device, or any other desktop or laptop computer.

Intel is focusing on protection and privacy with these new NAS devices, and is citing these factors as the two biggest concerns for consumers and businesses. They plan on including automated backup functionality, as well as the ability to share files with other users safely and privately.

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