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LG StandbyMe Go take TV beyond living rooms

Mega tech giant, LG Electronics USA has announced launch of its new StandbyMe Go TV. This is a portable screen TV, with versatile and unique all-in-one entertainment option. According to the manufacturing team at LG, it is the ideal travel companion for on-the-go entertainment.LG’s StandbyMe Go design & usesStandbyMe Go comes with 27-inch LED touchscreen attached to a stand within a sleek case. It can be titled, rotated, raised, and lowered while in landscape and portrait orientations. Yet the owner could also use the TV in table mode if he or she wants.See Also: AT&T adds new LG G Pad X to the lineup with DirecTV app in-towThe product has a built-in 20-watt speaker, which adapts to the screen’s orientation, and provides great surround sound through Dolby Vision video technology.This TV is LG’s latest innovative display and entertainment center that allows users to enjoy quality entertainment wherever they go without forfeiting convenience or value.Key Features of LG StandbyMe GoStandbyMe Go TV is designed with convenience in mind. It is portable; the case features compartments that holds accessories, and a built-in battery. It can easily be transported with a handle that makes it easy to carry while the user is moving to and fro. The user can have about three hours of usage or viewing time between charges. That means they can basically enjoy movies, games, and music as they move from one place to another.According to the Head of HE Product Marketing, David Park, content viewing is no longer confined to the living room or even in the home. The issue of having to sacrifice screen size in favor of portability is now past, he says. Customers can enjoy LG’s StandbyMe Go full-scale viewing experience when traveling. Even those with responsibilities such as remote working will find the TV beneficial.Availability and priceLG’s StandbyMe Go is priced at $999.99. it will be available towards the end of August exclusively at LG’s website. For those who love to have bonus benefits now, they can preorder now as this includes a special preorder offer of a free LG XBOOM 360 Bluetooth Speaker to receive $249.99 additional savings off the pre-tax sale price.

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The Sylvox Waterproof Outdoor TV allows for endless entertainment under the open skies

If you love spending time in your backyard or on your patio, then you likely know how important it is to have access to quality entertainment. The Sylvox 43 Outdoor TV is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their outdoor entertainment to the next level.The Sylvox 43 Outdoor TV comes equipped with a wide range of features that make it the ultimate entertainment device for your outdoor space. Some of the key features of this smart television include:43-inch display with 4K Ultra HD resolution1000 nits for incredibly bright, clear picture qualityPartial-sun technology that ensures the TV is viewable even in bright outdoor lighting conditionsWeather-resistant design that protects the TV from rain, snow, and other outdoor elementsSmart TV capabilities that allow you to stream content from popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime VideoBuilt-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivityVoice control functionality through Amazon Alexa and Google AssistantOne-year limited warranty for peace of mindTarget DemographicThe Sylvox 43 Outdoor TV is designed for anyone who loves spending time outdoors and wants to enjoy high-quality entertainment without sacrificing on picture quality or durability. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, relaxing on your patio, or simply enjoying some quality time with your family outdoors, the Sylvox 43 Outdoor TV is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment setup.Top FeaturesThere are several reasons why you might want to consider purchasing the Sylvox 43 Outdoor TV. For starters, it’s designed to be fully weatherproof so it can be left outside year-round, providing entertainment in any season. Indeed, it can withstand temperatures from -22 degrees up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sports in stunning detail and clarity with the Full HD resolution of the Sylvox Outdoor TV. We’re talking 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution with an anti-glare and anti-reflective screen.The wide viewing angle of the Sylvox Outdoor TV ensures everyone can enjoy a clear picture without any distortion. Sit as close as you’d like, or from any vantage point. The TV is equipped with a relatively powerful built-in sound system, eliminating the need for external speakers and ensuring immersive audio for an exceptional viewing experience. Play with the settings a bit and you’ll find some toggles for gaming, sports, and movies as well as a personalized option, too.I initially placed the TV on a stand on my back deck but came to find that the downward facing speakers tend to sound muted. Mounted on a wall, they sound pretty good and the audio settings are noticeable.Physical Description and SpecificationsDisplay Size: 43 inchesResolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)Refresh Rate: 120HzBrightness: 1000 nitsOperating Temperature: -22°F to 122°FIP Rating: IP55Android TV 11Inputs: 2X HDMI, 2X USB, Ethernet, RF, Optical, Audio OutputConclusionIf you’re looking for a high-quality outdoor TV that delivers exceptional picture quality, durability, and a range of smart TV features, then the Sylvox 43 Outdoor TV is the perfect solution for you. There are plenty of input options to go with, so feel free to break out the gaming console or plug in your digital antenna. Or, just go with the smarts that come with the Android TV operating system and use all of your streaming services.To learn more about this product or to place an order, visit the Sylvox website today. You can currently pick this model up for about $1300, however there are other options with a wall mount, soundbar, or both. As of today there’s a promo that includes a free TV cover when ordering.

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NVIDIA sent us the SHIELD Android TV Pro a few weeks ago for review. It’s the brand’s $200 flagship Android TV box, and I’m sure you’re wondering, why would you pay that much for an Android TV box when there are so many cheaper alternatives?For starters, it has been discovered that many of those cheap boxes are running malware. That’s why it’s important to buy an Android TV box from a reputable brand such as NVIDIA or Google. So, why spend $200 when the Chromecast with Google TV can be had for much less? I’ll be covering that and more in this review.FeaturesA couple of years ago I reviewed the Chromecast with Google TV here at the site, and while I liked Google’s Android TV box, I found I outgrew it over time.One of the biggest complaints amongst users is the lack of storage space. It is extremely easy to overwhelm Google’s streaming box with apps due to the limited storage space.I’ve personally had to remove and reinstall apps as I shuffle through streaming services and it’s a tedious routine that no one should have to endure.The NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro comes with double the storage space of the Chromecast with Google TV and an additional gigabyte of RAM. This provides you with better performance and plenty of space to load it up with streaming apps.Additionally, there are two USB Type-A 3.0 ports making it quick and easy to add more storage and a dedicated Ethernet port. If you’re a fan of local media, then this is perfect for running Kodi or Plex.Speaking of Plex, the SHIELD TV Pro is capable of running a Plex server. No longer will you need to keep a PC up and running just to access your Plex files on your TV or other devices. All of this makes the SHIELD TV Pro a game-changer for fans of Plex.When it comes to updates, it’s worth noting that NVIDIA has a good track record. The SHIELD TV Pro was released in 2019 and it is currently running Android TV 11. That puts it one version behind the Chromecast with Google TV, and while there’s no word on when or if version 12 is coming to the SHIELD TV Pro, NVIDIA has been known to skip a version like when it went straight from 9 to 11.Fortunately, all the apps I tried work without issue and that’s more than I can say for my aging Android TV that hasn’t seen an update in years and now requires an external box to run most apps.One of the SHIELD TV Pro’s standout features is its AI-powered upscaling. I tested this out with a few different videos and apps, and I must say, there is a substantial difference between turning it off and on.Videos were clearly sharper and displayed more clarity. It works great for enhancing HD content that you own or stream, but it appears to be disabled with most 4K content because it is unnecessary. Pictures don’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say there’s a noticeable difference when it’s enabled.While I spent most of my time testing out the SHIELD TV Pro with the Casiris A6 projector I recently reviewed, I also tried it out with my TV to test out Dolby Vision support, and it looked stunning.With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, you’ll get superb audio and video quality with streaming sources that support it. However, the SHIELD TV lacks HDR10+ compatibility. Thankfully, not many services use HDR10+, but Amazon Prime is one of the big ones that chooses to use HDR10+ over Dolby Vision. It’s important to know you’ll only have access to HDR10 without the benefits of HDR10+ with the SHIELD TV Pro.RemoteThe SHIELD TV Pro comes with the most uniquely shaped remote I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t sure how it would feel, but the triangle-shaped remote fits in your hand perfectly, and there’s a decent amount of heft to it which makes it feel great to hold.I’ve come to enjoy using it a lot more than the remote that comes with the Chromecast with Google TV, which I initially liked, but soon found it far too light and slippery. I cannot count the number of times it has fallen off of the armrest or slipped out of my hand. I’ve had no such problems with the remote for the SHIELD TV Pro.Besides the ergonomics, the SHIELD TV Pro remote offers backlit buttons and a microphone for use with Google Assistant. The backlight was a welcomed feature for all of the late-night binge-watching, and my only complaint would be the lack of a mute button.There’s also an IR blaster built into the remote for controlling other devices in your media center, however, I found that the CEC controls worked well enough for my needs. Regardless, it’s still nice to know you have options.Final thoughtsThe NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is a premium Android streaming box that delivers on almost every front. It provides snappy performance, plenty of storage space for all the streaming apps, expandable storage options, built-in Plex support, AI-enhanced upscaling, and a remote with a backlight.The only drawbacks I could find was the lack of HDR10+ support and its one version behind on the Android TV software. These won’t be dealbreakers for many, and they certainly wouldn’t be for me, but these may bother some given the $200 price point.Despite these minor qualms, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro stands out as one of the most feature-rich Android TV streaming boxes in the market.Buy from Amazon Buy from Best Buy

Govee unveils updates to T2 TV backlight series, introduces 98-100 inch model

Govee, a leading name in smart lighting solutions, is expanding its T2 TV Backlight Series by introducing a new 98-100 inch model while also rolling out significant software updates across the entire T2 series. These updates bring exciting new features and enhancements to enhance the viewing experience and customization options. 98-100 Inch T2 TV BacklightOne of the most notable additions to Govee’s T2 TV Backlight Series is the introduction of the 98-100 inch model. This larger variant features an elongated strip light to perfectly accommodate expansive TV screens. Building upon the success of the original T2, this new model carries over all the beloved features while catering to those seeking a more immersive experience for their larger televisions. The dual-camera design and patented color-match technology, known as “Govee Envisual,” remain intact, ensuring customized and dynamic lighting effects that synchronize with the content on the screen.Exciting Software UpdatesAlongside the launch of the new model, Govee is introducing game-changing software updates across the entire T2 series. These updates expand the functionality and versatility of the TV backlight, providing users with an even more engaging and energy-efficient experience. Let’s explore some of the key software enhancements:Vivid Mode: Govee’s new Vivid Mode takes the viewing experience to new heights by dividing the TV screen into zones. It captures the content on each zone individually and synchronizes the colors on the screen with the TV backlight. This results in a truly immersive and captivating visual experience that enhances the on-screen content.Black Screen Detection: With the introduction of the black screen detection feature, users can now save energy when the TV backlight is not in use. Once activated through the Govee Home App, the system automatically turns off the backlight if it detects low screen brightness, a black or static screen, or the absence of color alterations on the screen. This feature ensures optimal energy efficiency and convenience.DreamView Technology: Govee’s T2 TV Backlight now supports DreamView Technology, allowing users to create a color-coordinated and immersive lighting environment. By pairing their Govee TV backlight with up to five other DreamView-compatible smart lights, users can synchronize the lighting effects across their entire room, further enhancing the viewing atmosphere.Compatibility and PricingAll models in the T2 TV Backlight Series are compatible with popular technologies such as CEC, HDMI, Dolby Vision, and 8K screens. Additionally, they offer seamless integration with select streaming services, including Disney+, Netflix, and Max. The pricing for the T2 series is as follows: $139.99 for the 55-65 inch model, $159.99 for the 75-85 inch model, and $199.99 for the newly launched 98-100 inch model. These competitive price points make Govee’s T2 TV Backlight Series an attractive choice for those seeking to elevate their home entertainment setup.