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Facebook Is Developing a Version of Instagram for Children Under 13

Facebook is developing a version of Instagram thats specifically aimed at children under 13, according to an internal company post

Instagram Announces New Tools to ‘Protect Young People’ on the Platform

Instagram today announced several new tools and changes coming to the platform with the aim of "protecting young people." Amongst

Instagram Lite is back, and the app is a tiny 2MB download

Facebook officially announced Instagram Lite, a streamlined, smaller version of the main Instagram app. It's ready to download in 170 countries today.

Top 5 reasons we should use Followers Gallery app for increasing Follows or likes on Instagram

If you have an account on Instagram and struggle to increase the number of followers or likes on Instagram posts, this article is made...

Instagram Announces New Features to Help Support Users Affected By Eating Disorders

Instagram is launching new features to help support users on its platform who may be affected by negative body image

Instagram Confirms Bug With iMessage Link Previews, Promises Fix Soon

Instagram has confirmed that a bug is preventing proper Instagram URL previews from appearing in iMessage conversations. In a statement

Facebook and Instagram Link Previews Would Break EU Privacy Law, Say Security Researchers

A follow-up report by security researchers Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk has alleged that Facebook Messenger and Instagram are

The top 7 new creative tools added to Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram lets you do more than upload photos and videos on the internet. There are also special features on the social media platform that showcase your media content in more creative and exciting ways.One such feature is called Instagram Stories. It lets users post temporary photos and videos to their channels for 24 hours. Afterwards, the content disappears and forces you to create more new content. People are supposed to use Instagram Stories to tell their stories through daily video and photo posts.Since the content only stays up for one day, it is supposed to motivate users to create more content. Their audience will have an incentive to keep visiting these stories if they know there will always be new content. As for Instagram Reels, it is a video editing tool that lets you create short and entertaining videos for your followers. These can be 15-second videos with added effects and filters.New creative tools are being added to Instagram Reels and Stories quite regularly. Below are the top 7 latest creative tools that you should try out.1) Audio Mix & VoiceoverInstagram Reels lets users get very creative with their short video clips. One of the coolest new features for Reels is the Audio Mix feature. If you have any songs, music clips or instrumental tracks that you want to add to your videos, you can do so with this feature.Do you want to add voiceover narration to your videos? The voiceover feature lets you record your voice and add it to any part of your video clip. Some people use voiceovers and narrations to tell fast stories in their short Reels videos. You can even mix the music and voiceovers.2) Multi-CaptureMulti-Capture is a new featured tool available for Instagram Stories. It lets you create several photos and share them all with your followers at the same time. When you log into the Instagram Stories camera feature, you’ll find the Multi-Capture icon located on the left-hand side of your screen. Tap the icon to activate the Multi-Capture tool.You’ll see a capture button displayed on the bottom of the screen. Tap the button to snap a photograph. The tool lets you snap up to eight photos at a time for your Instagram Stories posts. The neat thing is you don’t need to keep tapping the capture button to take multiple pictures.After you’re done with the photos, choose “Next” to proceed to the edit screen. It is here you can edit your photos and choose which ones you want to share. Tap the “Share” button after you’ve finished with the edits. It is that simple!3) AR FiltersSpark AR Studio allows you to add augmented reality effects to your smartphone camera. If you want to make Instagram photos with cool AR effects, you can use the Spark AR Studio tool. It will make your photos look more intriguing and fun to your audience.In case you’re not familiar with augmented reality, it is a combination of virtual effects with real images. You can add several different kinds of virtual effects to your Instagram images and videos, such as visual shaders, virtual boomboxes with audio, animated face masks, light leaks, floating particles, and skeleton animation. The tool allows you to express your creativity to your audience.4) SuperzoomInstagram Stories has another fun tool called Superzoom. It causes the camera to automatically zoom in closer to the subject in front of you while various music effects are applied to the picture. You must tap the word “Superzoom” on the camera screen of Instagram Stories to activate the tool.Some of the music effects that you can choose are “TV Show,” “Bounce,” and “Beats.” When you mix these music effects with the zoom effects on a picture, it creates an entertaining combination. The zoom feature can utilize the rear-facing camera or the front-facing camera of your smartphone. The choice is up to you.5) Color FilterSometimes the photos and videos you create for Instagram Stories might have color inconsistencies or inadequacies. That is why Instagram added a unique color filter tool that let users modify the color tone of their photos and videos. Just swipe the slider left or right to change the color scheme of your media content.The color filter could be useful for setting the mood of a particular Instagram story. For instance, you can make your imagery look like it’s from the 1980s with the Retro Cam story filter. You can also add vintage visual effects with the Caramel Latte filter option. Other color filters include the 90s Camcorder, Moody Tones, Cream, GrainA4, Vintage Vibes, and Boho Filters.6) HootsuiteHere is a tool to help you create more engaging images and videos for Instagram Stories. It also lets you schedule your stories for publication at some point in the future. Each post can have up to 10 videos and photos as a carousel for your stories.Hootsuite lets new users start with a free trial period. After that, you would have to pay at least $29 per month to continue using the software tool. If you care about scheduling unlimited posts on Instagram Stories, then you might find it worth the money to pay.7) OverOver is another content creation tool for Instagram Stories. It lets you use professional backgrounds and templates to create better posts. If you don’t feel like editing your photographs in Photoshop for several hours, you can save time with the Over tool. Besides, why spend so much time editing photos that will disappear after 24 hours?If you’ve always wanted to create your brand, then you will love the Over app. You can personalize the design of your posts with a library of stylish layouts and templates at your disposal. It won’t take you long to arrange the imagery onto a palette and make your post look unique for your particular story.ConclusionSpend some time to learn how to use these tools. Once you start creating better content, you will feel confident enough to buy Instagram likes for it from Stormlikes. The advantage of purchasing Instagram likes is to attract attention to your stories and short video clips. It could translate into more followers and viewers to your Instagram channel.You can buy Instagram followers too from Stormlikes. However, it is wise to focus on creating high-quality content on Instagram Stories and Reels. That way, you will know that your new followers are genuinely interested in your content. As you experiment with different tools, you will know which one is the best for your content creation needs.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

All-in-One Chat App ‘Beeper’ Brings iMessage to Android and Windows Using Workaround

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Instagram Supports Uploading ProRAW Photos Taken With iPhone 12 Pro

Instagram is today rolling out support for the new ProRAW photos that are able to be captured with the iPhone

Facebook Temporarily Disables Some Messenger and Instagram Features in Europe to Comply With EU Data Rules

Some Messenger and Instagram features are temporarily unavailable to users in Europe in order to comply with new rules on

FTC Accuses Facebook of Social Media Monopoly, Calls for Divestiture of Instagram and WhatsApp

The United States Federal Trade Commission today teamed up 46 states, the District of Columbia, and the territory of Guam

Why should I buy Instagram followers and likes?

Instagram is a powerful social media marketing platform. With over 1 billion active users worldwide, the site offers immense benefits in terms of increased engagement and more advanced targeting options. However, staying on top of your game on Instagram is hard work. You need to have actual likes and followers to attract more organic followers or even get views on you posts. That way, you will stand a good chance of attracting more followers organically which will increase your online visibility. The best part, it’s not all that difficult.That said, the guide below explains why people should buy Instagram followers for their business.Significant reasons for purchasing Instagram followersHaving a sensible amount of followers is crucial on each of your Instagram posts. Followers will judge the quality of your content depending on the number of followers on your page. Like all other areas, followers will always feel hesitant to act first by following on your post if it has few or no followers. That explains why it’s important to buy Instagram followers if at all you need to improve your brand and sales online. Among the benefits includes;Helping for an Instant Kick-StartWhile Instagram offers a platform to advertise and buy a popularity pass, it also takes a lot of time to gain enough likes on each of your posts. Purchasing followers offers you an instant option to start or grow your business. With many followers, you create a powerful impression and receive feedback from your target audience.Improving your ReliabilityNumbers do have an impact on attaining your credibility level, combined with a great success. Therefore, it’s important to gain organic followers to network with you and your service.Improved Online VisibilityInstagram is one of the most popular platforms that increase online traffic for individuals and businesses. Potential audience is attracted to your profile when you buy real followers from reliable suppliers. The more followers you have, the higher the conversion rate on your page.Go Ahead of Your CompetitorsIn the modern era of competition, your fans and friends might not be enough to make you popular. It’s therefore essential to use proved methods of buying Instagram followers to help set yourself apart from the rest of the brands. That way, you get an edge and generate a lot of influence around you.Increased Conversions and LeadsUnlike other social media platforms, Instagram welcomes creativity, offers stories and provides useful analytics. While all this is true, getting followers on Instagram can be painfully slow. People will actually consider the follower count before they decided whether or not to follow a person. It might even take years before one gets noticed and earn a significant amount of followers. To avoid that, you need to consider buying organic followers from genuine suppliers. Hiring a reliable service provider that generates more potential audience leads to growth in sales thereby improving the number of leads.Build your PresenceHaving many likes and followers will help boost your presence in the market. People tend to think that you are attracting more likes because of your quality. In the same way, only a few people will know about your brand if it has a few likes attached to it. Thus, you can build more relationship and boost your brand through Instagram likes.Relevant AppealThe modern day market is crowded with the similar products and services. For this, it’s significant to buy Instagram likes in order to make your brand appealing and relevant to the audience.Is Buying Followers Safe for My Instagram Pages?The safety of your Instagram page entirely depends on the credibility of the supplier you choose. Therefore, you need to find a supplier who guarantees safety and security of the followers they sell. While you can buy followers at cheaper rates, you should be aware that cheap options can compromise the safety of your profile.Also, Instagram does not ban people from buying followers. Provided you stick to their terms of services; users are allowed to buy as many followers as they can. While that is true, it’s crucial to ensure you only buy real followers to so that your page can continue growing. With so many service providers available today, it can be confusing on the most reliable supplier to choose. However, some key tips can help you differentiate the chaff from the grains.Types of Services to AvoidAvoid a service provider that promises unrealistic number of followers. This is a red flag they are selling sham followers that won’t engage with you.Any suppliers looking to purchase organic Instagram followers in order to achieve their marketing strategies are fake. You risk having your account banned forever.Avoid buying an existing Instagram page with preloaded followers. In most cases, they are not actual followers but bots.Also, avoid buying organic Instagram followers because they are less likely to be interested in your brand. With time, most of them will likely fall off, reducing your count and engagement.Types of Services to Look ForOnly a few Instagram growth services are genuine. If only you understand how to evaluate them, then they can actually help boost your business. Check on a service provider that emphasizes organic growth and only guarantee you a realistic number of followers. After identifying a credible seller, choose the right plan for yourself. There are different packages offered depending on how much you are willing to spend.To sum it upHaving more Instagram followers is the key to building your reputation online. Your business will stay visible to more people thereby putting you ahead of the competition. However, gaining popularity on Instagram is not easy, particularly if a page is in a competitive niche. It takes a lot of effort plus many years to establish a strong page with many follower count. Besides, time is crucial and if a page fails to familiarize to the developments, it might get left out. Therefore, for people looking for an affordable way to increase followers, an option is to buy Instagram followers and likes today.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

Five reasons why Instagram is considered to be the best mobile phone app

Almost everyone from every age group is on the mobile phone app, Instagram, and it has become everyone’s favorite. Instagram is basically the Facebook of the younger generation and is popularly known as IG and Insta by youngsters. It was previously owned and created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom but now is owned by Facebook. You can share pictures, messages, go live and video call anyone you want.So, what makes it any different from any of the instant messaging apps, or video calling apps that you have in the market today?Instagram is a microblogging app and the user interface is extremely easy to understand.Microblogging has become extremely popular and offers the users with a quick and easy method of blogging and sharing information. Instagram is visual and is heavily dependent on visual sharing of information and pictures. While Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp are platforms where users share mostly written and lengthy posts and information, when it comes to Instagram, everything, literally everything is conveyed and shared with the help of aesthetic videos and photographs. This is one of the main reasons why people dig and love Instagram as a social media platform. Blogging on Instagram is done with the help of pictures and videos, and people love the whole concept of it. Many people prefer watching beautiful and aesthetic pictures and videos, and rather not read lengthy texts. They love the whole idea of how a picture and video has a story to tell.Instagram allows users to experiment and up their photo game.Instagram allows people to click so many different pictures with so many different filters, different ways to click pictures, take videos, so many effects, the options are limitless. The user interface is extremely easy to understand and people get to meet and know so many different things about things all around the world. Also, not only can you experiment with your photos and videos, there is no limit to how many photos and videos you can share on your feed. You can share as many photos and videos you want, and if the quality of your content is good, there will be tons of people wanting to follow you and imitate your style, which is actually good because there are many ways to monetize your talents as well.Instagram promotes your feed, your business and even helps you have fun through stories and by going live.So, for many who do not know this, Instagram was the first social media app to have introduced the whole concept of stories and later on, other social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, copied this feature. The stories feature is actually great, because it also allows you to hide your stories from the people whom you do not want to see the story you do not want them to see and they would not even know about it, at least Instagram would not notify them that you have hidden your story from this particular individual. It also has another feature called close friends feature, and only those whom you add in the close friends list can see your story which you add under the close friends story. There is no restriction on that and people love this feature because many may have people who follow them and cannot do anything about it, it could be your annoying, overbearing colleague to your boss who follows you on your Instagram or even your family. You can be completely wild and yourself on Instagram, or more specifically on your close friends story. Coming to the promotion part, you can promote your posts by paying a certain amount of money everyday and Instagram will promote your post to the group of people you have chosen. This group of people can have a criterion of the age group, country, distance and the content they would like to see, broadening the reach of your business on Instagram to potential customers. It indirectly or directly increases your customer base and the more people who take actions against your content, like sharing it with their friends or family, or even liking it, the more people your content reaches to.This is why Instagram is so famous and so likeable. It does not limit your options and gives you wings to fly and enjoy yourself, even if you are an entrepreneur or even a very private individual.Instagram literally makes you feel as though you are a pro in your game, and does not limit you in doing whatever you want to do.You do you, and that is exactly what Instagram believes in. If there are people who have a similar taste in content as yours, they will suggest your content to people very similar to what you like and what you post, and vice versa. Instagram helps you feel as though you are an expert in your feed and in what you do, and always helps you see the beauty in whatever you do. Every photograph you post, Instagram offers various options in which you cab customize your photo to be something totally and completely different, and better. It helps you make your photo a complete click bait worthy photo.Instagram offers countless opportunities for you to go viral and a lot of users are active on Instagram.Another reason why Instagram is so popular is that once you figure out the algorithm and use it to your benefit, you can go viral. There are chances that if your content and feed is good enough as well, you would go viral. Also, if you are starting a business or have a business that needs a marketing platform, Instagram is your best bet. Mainly because they are different kinds of users, and the age group of these users vary, but there are high chances that your content will be received by a wider range of audience on Instagram as compared to the rest of the social media platforms. Also, you can also shop on Instagram, and find various stores and brands around you. And usually, most of these stores on Instagram are cheaper and have better deals as compared to the other stores, and the quality of the product also is much better.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

How to stop Instagram from tracking everything you do on your Android device

It is not a secret that social networks are huge gatherers of data about users. That is how the algorithm operates – it compiles the patterns of your performance online and then categorizes ads and other promoted content. The controlling features of Instagram are closed for users. That means – you cannot completely stop the app from collecting data about what you are doing online and limit the kinds of advertising that you see in your feed.As a matter of fact, any attempt to buy and use 100, 500, or 20 Instagram likes for business or personal blog promotion can also be tracked and noticed by specific algorithms but it’s not crucial. However there are methods to put some borders for Instagram, and in this article, we will give you this content to make your time online more comfortable for you.Basic securityThere are some reasons you should enter the settings of your app and check what you actually share, maybe without even knowing.First of all, you will notice the Security paragraph, where you will find an Access Data point.When you tap it, you can discover everything that is connected with your account, like phone numbers, or email addresses.Also, the changes that the user did to the password will be revealed to him, and the overall interaction in the app too.IG gathers 25 data categories, e.g. poll interactions and other Stories activity, followed hashtags, the changes that users make in their bio, and so on.The sad aspect about it is even if you can discover all this info without any doubt, there are not too many actions that you can perform to improve this situation. For example, you can erase your history of searches, but it won’t vanish without a trace forever. Occasionally this information will be restored, as soon as you will look for the same thing on Instagram or Facebook.Another function that can be diminished is applying your contact list into the network database. Once you put in your contacts, the algorithm of Instagram is competent to provide recommendations for friends. However, at the same time, subtracting your CL is also a source to receive the info about your social actions. This option works in another way – you might withdraw the contacts from Instagram.Geo positionInstagram is positioned as a mobile platform, or in other words, people use it primarily with their smartphones. And when you post a photo or story, you could enable the geological location finder, which is basically the channel for Instagram to gather this data. This feature is shut down by standard settings and can be altered in too. To provide permission for tracking and sharing your location, you will have to attend your device settings and permit or restrict this action. You can’t accomplish that in the app Settings.On the Android phone, tap Settings, and after that enter the paragraph Apps and locate Instagram there.  The features that can be restricted/allowed on here are:locationmicrophonecameracontactsdepository space of your device, etc.You can either allow the app to gather information all the time (meaning when you are not in the app), only when you are using it, or never. These actions would be analogous to IOS device owners.Managing The AdvertisingInstagram is now one of the channels where Facebook is grossing money. And so, the platform is full of numerous ads. Occurring the parent company, Facebook runs it completely, and quite successfully. The power of Instagram as a marketplace has increased as the platform introduced the shopping features, which is why this network’s ads system has strong support from FB servers.The range of ads that you observe is established on the knowledge about your preferences that is gathered by both Instagram and Facebook. Inside the platform, you will usually see merchandise that is parallel to the one that you liked, followed, or shared. For example, if you subscribed to and liked some posts about swimsuits, with 97 percent probability you will meet in your feed the promoted posts from other brands that provide this piece of clothing, probably in your region.Your character and interests can also be tracked outside of the platform. The small component of code that is called Facebook Pixel is embedded in practically every website on the internet. It moreover accumulates detailed info about the kind of products that you were interested in or bought. The identifier that is linked to the Pixel will then categorize and decide what advertising you will later see.The amount of control that you get over the huge marketing machine, that includes Instagram is microscopic. In the Settings of your app, you can detect what ads entertained you. Meaning: you appreciated a post, left a comment on it, saved it, or watched the major portion of a promoted video. Looking through that will allow you to predict what kind of advertising you will observe in the nearest time.To dismiss the individual ads, you should:Hit three dots in the right upper corner.Then, choose Hide.Or you can report it if you consider this material inappropriate and against the policy of Instagram.To get more power over the ads, you will have to stop by your Facebook page. The changes that you would make in it, are applied to Instagram too. On FB you are able to change your preferences, and that would filter out the advertising you don’t care for.The Ad Preferences page is a wishing well for finding the data. It will demonstrate what Facebook considers to be your choices in content, what companies have loaded the data about you, and how it is targeting you. So what you should do is to spend some precious time examining the points in this field and changing them to your favor.The prominent criteria that you can base your choice on are:employmentconnectionsmarriagestudying dataAll that can be discovered in the field on Facebook where your bio is. So don’t be surprised to see that many of your friends had deleted their biodata. They just want to avoid ads.Get Rid Of InstagramThe most radical direction to avoid annoying ads and don’t let the platform stack the info about you is to eliminate your app. To withdraw the account inside the app is impossible, remember it. To perform that you can do it through this link. But you must realize that everything that you possess there – your:picturescommentsvideoslikesfollowers…will be deleted as well, and there is no chance to get them restored. There is too a possibility to freeze your profile – this option is called a temporary disability.Destroying the app is a good idea if you just need to relax, and spend some quality time offline with your family and friends, experiencing what life is like when you don’t scroll the feed for half of the day.  This is a good way to have a rest from obtrusive trends and big chunks of informational garbage that you can incoherently consume on the platform. The algorithms are not perfect, and they cannot understand if you really like the ads that you watch. All they can rely on is your behavior on the internet. So you can also try to limit your surfing to the minimum and never subscribe to brands and influencers who are posting much product placement.The ConclusionAds can be annoying. Hell, it can drive you crazy if there is too much of it or if it shows you something inappropriate. But we must understand that without ads, the revenue of social media will be lowered, and thus, their owners and developing teams will lose interest in working on it. And with that, the quality of social media experience would be discredited a lot. Besides, the possibility to work with ads on social media has given lots of small local businesses to grow and blossom with high-quality products, which is actually a nice course of things.EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

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