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Android 12 Leak Reveals iOS 14-Style Clipboard Access Notification

A new leak from XDA Developer shows that with Android 12 slated for release later in February, Google plans to

Google Pixel Watch Allegedly Leaks with Circular Design, Rumored to Launch in October

Renders of Google's first smartwatch, codenamed "Rohan," have been shared by Jon Prosser, showing that Google plans to adopt a

Is the Pixel 5a canceled? Google says it’s coming ‘later this year’

Google has issued a statement suggesting that the Pixel 5a 5G has not been canceled after all, despite a leak suggesting the opposite earlier today.

What to expect from Google I/O 2021

Google I/O is back as a virtual event and free to everyone who wants to attend.

What to expect from Google I/O 2021

Google I/O is back as a virtual event and free to everyone who wants to attend.

All of Google’s Main Apps Now Feature Privacy Labels

Four months after Apple first began requiring apps to add App Privacy labels to their App Store listings, Google has

Apple’s Search Engine Deal With Google Expected to Drive Services Revenue Growth Through 2022

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty today raised her services-related revenue forecast for Apple through the 2022 fiscal year.In a research

Google Pixel 5 revisited: The good and bad six months later

The Google Pixel 5 was a semi-controversial phone in 2020. Now that we're in 2021, how does it hold up?

Google to Limit Which Apps Can See Other Installed Apps on Android Devices, Evoking Similar Privacy Changes Apple Made in iOS 9

Google will soon make it harder for third-party apps to see what other apps are installed on a user's Android

New Google Maps features offer a preview of doom-conscious tech

Newly announced Google Maps features hint at a more doom-conscious future for tech advancements.

Google Meet Extends Free ‘Unlimited’ Calls Until June 30

Google has postponed the introduction of a 60-minute call limit on free Google Meet users for a few more months,

T-Mobile partners to promote Google apps for messaging, cloud storage, and TV

T-Mobile and Google have inked a deal that will see T-Mobile promote Google services like Google One, YouTube TV, and more instead of its own services.

Google launches standard to replace physical passports and keys with your phone

With its newly announced Android SE Alliance, Google aspires to empower your Android phone to replace your key ring and passport.

Windows 10 is at a standstill. Here’s what it needs to learn from Chromebooks

With Chrome OS recently surpassing MacOS as the second-most-used operating system in world, there are a lot of lessons to be learned by Microsoft.

Google Chrome for Desktop Gains Live Captions Feature for Audio and Video

Google today rolled out its live caption transcription feature to version 89 of Chrome browser for desktop, as first spotted

The second Android 12 Developer Preview brings more privacy controls and tweaks

Google has launched the second Android 12 Developer Preview, which brings with it better privacy controls, picture-in-picture controls, and more.

Google to Lower Play Store Commission to 15% on First $1 Million Earned by Developers Per Year

Google today announced that, starting July 1, it will be lowering its Play Store commission from 30% to 15% for

DuckDuckGo Calls Out Google Search for ‘Spying’ on Users After Privacy Labels Go Live

Over the course of the last several weeks, Google has been adding App Privacy labels to its iOS apps in

Judge Rules Google Must Face Lawsuit Alleging Chrome Tracks Users in Incognito Mode

A judge in California has ruled that Google must face a class action lawsuit alleging that it secretly tracks the

A beginner’s guide to Android: Everything you need to know

Google's Android platform excels when it comes to customization and integration. Check out our quick-hit guide if you're a first-time Android device owner.

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