Sunday, June 16, 2024


It’s the end of an era for Android

The Android world is changing. Dave Burke, one of the most prominent leaders on the Android team, is leaving.

Google is doing something incredible with the Pixel Watch 3

When the Google Pixel Watch 3 launches later this year, it may be joined by a new, unexpected, and exciting new version. Here's the latest news.

Have a Google Pixel 8? You’re about to get these 4 new features

Your Google Pixel 8 phone is picking up a few new features. Here's what is coming in the June Feature Drop for the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel 8a.

Apple Likely to Add Google Gemini and Other AI Models to iOS 18

As part of its Apple Intelligence feature set, Apple on Monday announced a partnership with OpenAI that will allow Siri

This is our very first look at the Google Pixel Watch 3

The first renders of the Google Pixel Watch 3 have been released. If you were hoping for a big design change, we have bad news for you.

Google Adds RCS Feature for Texting 911

Google today announced that it is partnering with emergency technology company RapidSOS to allow U.S. Android users to text 911

Google Messages is getting a feature that could save your life

Google's new partnership with RapidSOS could save your life in the future. Here's what you need to know.

Apple just admitted defeat to Android phones

For years and years, it used to be that iPhones had a clear advantage for software updates. Now, Apple has admitted that's no longer true.

Google’s Gemini AI app gets a wider release. Is your phone on the list?

Google has expanded the list of regions where the Google Gemini AI app for Android phones is available, and given an update on when it will come to iOS.

Google is working on a much-needed Gemini feature

Google recently added YouTube Music support in Gemini. Another music streaming could be integrated soon.

Google is making it easier to ditch your iPhone for an Android phone

Switching from iPhone to Android isn't a smooth process, especially with photos. But Google's Data Transfer Tool update may make it easier.

The Google Pixel 8 is about to get a long-awaited update

If you own a Google Pixel 8 or the recently released Google Pixel 8a, we have some good news for you. A Google Pixel 8 Pro feature is coming to your phone.

Google just announced 7 big Android updates. Here’s what’s new

Google's latest feature drop imagines you making PayPal transactions on a watch, controlling appliances from home screen widgets, and fixing message mistakes.

Your Google Photos app may soon get a big overhaul. Here’s what it looks like

An APK teardown has revealed new sharing features for Google Photos, along with some other changes. Here's what's new.

Google Pixel 8a review: Should you buy it?

It turn out that $500 buys a whole lot of phone these days.

Fitbit just launched a new smartwatch unlike any it’s made before

Fitbit just announced a new smartwatch joining its lineup — the Fitbit Ace LTE — and it's unlike any previous watch from the company.