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Tag: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Preparing Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple for ‘Unfair’ Approach to Privacy and Default Apps

Facebook is preparing to launch a lawsuit against Apple for alleged anticompetitive behaviour, particularly regarding App Tracking Transparency and iMessage,

All-in-One Chat App ‘Beeper’ Brings iMessage to Android and Windows Using Workaround

New universal chat app "Beeper" combines 15 different chat platforms into a single inbox and offers iMessage on Android and

Facebook Temporarily Disables Some Messenger and Instagram Features in Europe to Comply With EU Data Rules

Some Messenger and Instagram features are temporarily unavailable to users in Europe in order to comply with new rules on

New ‘Vanish Mode’ in Messenger and Instagram Enables Disappearing Chats

Facebook's Messenger and Instagram apps are getting a new "vanish mode" feature that gives users a new way to chat

Facebook Unifies Messenger and Instagram Direct Messaging Experiences

Around a month after Facebook began quietly merging its Messenger service with Instagram direct messaging, the transition has been officially

Facebook Lobbying for Option to Make Messenger Default on iOS

Facebook is now actively seeking an option to make its Messenger app the default app for messages on iPhones, reports

Facebook Messenger Limits Message Forwarding to Cut Spread of Misinformation

Facebook has announced a new forward limit on its Messenger chat platform so that messages can now only be forwarded

Facebook’s Merging of Instagram and Messenger Chats Gets Underway

Facebook's long-term plan to integrate Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp chat platforms appeared to kick into gear over the weekend as

How to share your home screen with Messenger on Android

Facebook Messenger recently released an update where users could share their smartphone home screens over video calls. With many people still adamant on meeting face-to-face, this is a great measure for friends, loved ones, and other groups to spend time together online and still have fun, even when apart.Image Courtesy of Facebook NewsroomSharing your home screen with Messenger on AndroidSimilar to sharing your desktop on Zoom on your home computer, sharing your home screen means you and the person on the other end can consume content together.With Messenger’s new screen sharing feature, you can now have a video call and browse memes, watch YouTube videos together, and anything in-between.Getting started is fairly simple and straightforward and the same process works with creating a room in Messenger. This way, you can share your screen with a group of friends or family members.Getting Started:Update to the latest version of Facebook Messenger from the Google Play Store.When you have done so, initiate a video call with the person you wish to carry out the screen sharing session with.You don’t have to wait for the person to pick up, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring the Share Your Screen prompt.All you have to do is tap on Share Your Screen, and you will receive the standard privacy warning.Keep in mind, anything you type or any notification that pops up during the screen sharing process isn’t censored or protected.This means people will be able to see what buttons you’re pressing on your keyboard, so be careful about typing passwords or other sensitive information during a video call.Once you’ve read the warning, tap on Start Now.If you have apps you’re cautious about letting others know about, it’s best you force stop them until the screen-sharing session ends.When you successfully activate the screen share, you’ll get the prompt confirming you’re now in a screen-sharing session with the person.You’ll now get a picture-in-picture window at the top right of your screen, which will show a small window of your Facebook friend on the video call, and they will be able to see you and your home screen, even if you can’t see yourself.When you are at this stage, you have successfully shared your screen with the intended person and you are free to carry out your intended activities together.Unlike Zoom or other desktop apps, there is currently no way to let others take over your smartphone home screen during this process. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally letting someone control your home screen and snooping.To end the screen share, simply end the call via the big red button on the call like you would a regular video call.To share your home screen with a larger audience, simply repeat all of the above once you have started a Facebook Messenger Room.

Facebook Messenger Introduces ‘App Lock’ Feature With Support for Face ID and Touch ID

Facebook today announced enhanced privacy and security features for Messenger on iOS, including a new "App Lock" feature. With this

Facebook Messenger iOS App Gains Screen Sharing Feature for Video Calls

Facebook today announced that a new screen sharing feature is now available in the Messenger app on iOS and Android.

Facebook Launches Messenger Kids in Dozens More Countries, Makes it Easier for Parents to Connect Kids With Friends

Facebook has announced the launch of Messenger Kids in over 70 more countries as well as several new features for

Facebook Launches New ‘Kit’ App for Apple Watch to Keep in Touch With Your Closest Friends

Facebook's experimental NPE Team today has launched a new app called "Kit" or "Keep in Touch" for connecting with close

Facebook Messenger Launches Standalone Video and Text Chat App for macOS and Windows

Facebook today launched a standalone Messenger app for macOS and Windows platforms, allowing users to video and text chat with

Facebook Messenger iOS Update Ditches Discover Tab and Promotes Stories

Facebook's Messenger app for iOS has been updated with a redesign that aims to simplifying the app with a focus

Master Facebook Messenger with these helpful tips and tricks

Facebook Messenger is a great way to keep in touch but it’s easy to miss some of the less-obvious features.

Facebook account now required for signing up to Messenger

A Facebook account is now a requirement for people who are signing up for Messenger, when previously a phone number was enough.

Facebook’s new stickers are designed to open conversations about mental health

Facebook Messenger announced a new "Let's Talk" sticker pack aimed at inviting conversations about mental health. The stickers are available now.

US, UK, and Australia Urge Zuckerberg Not to Extend Encrypted Messaging to Facebook and Instagram

U.S., U.K., and Australian officials have contacted Facebook to request that it provides authorities with a way to access encrypted

Facebook admits to Messenger Kids security flaw but insists it’s fixed

Facebook has confirmed it missed a flaw in its Messenger Kids app that meant children could have communicated with users who hadn’t been parent-approved. The firm says it has now fixed the issue and contacted those affected.

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