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Blackberry trailer depicts the rise and fall of the iconic phone

The first trailer for Blackberry has been released, which depicts the unprecedented rise and catastrophic fall of the company.

Experts fear ChatGPT will soon be used in devastating cyberattacks

ChatGPT is changing the world, but some IT leaders are worried about its malicious misuse in massive cyberattacks -- some of which may already be underway.

Spiritual BlackBerry KEY2 successor could arrive with upcoming Unihertz launch

Unihertz teases a new smartphone that could resemble the BlackBerry KEY2 that was released in 2018. Not much is known

BlackBerry’s latest revival attempt crashes before launch

BlackBerry's partnership with a Texas-based startup has ended in failure, with the startup announcing its closure. A 5G QWERTY BlackBerry had been planned.

BlackBerry revival is officially dead as OnwardMobility shuts down

The smartphone that never wasWhat you need to knowOnwardMobility has officially confirmed that it is shutting down.This means the 5G

BlackBerry is better off dead

Blackberry's death has been a long time coming and attempts to revive it are misguided.

OnwardMobility’s 5G BlackBerry phone has reportedly been shelved

The phone was supposed to begin shipping last year.What you need to knowOnwardMobility's BlackBerry 5G phone may never see the

The BlackBerry Key2 shows why software updates really matter

Nostalgia prompted a return to the BlackBerry Key2, and while the keyboard welcomed us, the unacceptable treatment of the software definitely didn't.

A new BlackBerry with a keyboard is still on the schedule for 2022

As the old BlackBerry brand shuts down, a rebranded BlackBerry phone is on the way with 5G and a physical keyboard in tow.

Classic BlackBerries are finally losing suppport as company shuts down services

After losing the smartphone market to iOS and Android, BlackBerry has finally stopped supporting phones still powered by its legacy Blackberry operating system.

Classic BlackBerry Smartphones Are Officially Dead

As of January 4, 2022, all classic BlackBerry smartphones running versions of BlackBerry OS will no longer work for calls,

BlackBerry OS phones will stop ‘reliably’ working after January 4

All legacy BlackBerry services will be terminated this week.What you need to knowLegacy BlackBerry devices are set to reach end

BlackBerry loyalists may buy a 5G phone — don’t expect a keyboard revival

The lingering legacy of BlackBerry is the reason its cult following is obsessively interested in OnwardMobility's forthcoming 5G BlackBerry device,

Our readers have spoken: a new 5G BlackBerry is a must-have

This is a good sign as we wait for OnwardMobility to release its BlackBerry phone.What you need to knowOur readers

Poll: Are you interested in a new 5G BlackBerry smartphone?

Another BlackBerry is on the way, but do you care?The smartphone industry has become a cutthroat business, and only those

The BlackBerry 5G smartphone is apparently still a thing, waitlist now open

BlackBerry seems to have many lives.What you need to knowOnwardMobility has opened up registrations for its upcoming BlackBerry smartphone.Sign-ups will