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AT&T now makes you pay even more for its fastest 5G speeds

AT&T customers will now have to pay extra to get the fastest data speeds on their phones. The company calls this new add-on AT&T Turbo.

Were you affected by the AT&T outage? You may get some free money

Following AT&T's disastrous outage last week, the carrier is now responding with free bill credits. Here's how it works.

AT&T reveals cause of Thursday’s massive outage

AT&T has shared the results of its initial investigation into the service outage that affected many of its customers on Thursday.

AT&T reveals cause of Thursday’s massive outage

AT&T has shared the results of its initial investigation into the service outage that affected many of its customers on Thursday.

Everything you need to know about the AT&T outage happening right now

It's not just you. As of Thursday, February 22, 2024, AT&T is experience a large service outage. Here's a recap of what you need to know!

Check Out Early Holiday Savings from AT&T

AT&T is rolling out jaw-dropping discounts for the tech-savvy and early holiday shopping crowd. With eligible trade-ins consumers can snag the cutting-edge iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 with up to $1,000 and $830 off, respectively. Also, the sleek Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and the trendy Z Flip5, along with the Google Pixel 8 Pro, are up for grabs absolutely free!These deals are perfect for tech enthusiasts looking for the latest gadgets or for those wanting to gift cutting-edge tech this holiday season.No Trade-in? No Problem! Prefer no trade-ins? AT&T’s got you covered. Get the stylish iPhone 14 for only $10.99/mo, or upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro at just $15/mo. The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE and the chic motorola razr are also available at unbeatable prices of $10/mo and $2/mo, respectively.Stocking Stuffer SpecialsAccessorize your tech with AT&T’s other incredible deals. Get 50% off on Samsung Galaxy Buds with any Samsung device purchase, and 50% off select chargers with any Apple device. Plus, protect your gadgets with 20% off on Casemate and Pelican cases.Deal DurationHurry! These deals are only available for a limited time during the Black Friday sales period.Learn More For more information and to stay updated on these exciting offers, readers can visit AT&T’s 2023 holiday gift guide online.Get ready to tech the halls with AT&T’s Black Friday deals as those will be rolling out soon, too.

T-Mobile’s huge lead in 5G speeds isn’t going anywhere

T-Mobile still enjoys a healthy lead over its rivals, but it also looks like we may be reaching peak 5G.

AT&T top tech products get your kid back to school in style

AT&T is helping parents to help their kids this year with its top tech products and deals. Make sure your kids are back-to-school ready as it’s time for them to return back to school.Take a look at a few deals:Apple Watch Series 8The retail price is $529.99 but you can actually pay a lot less every month ($14.73) which makes it easy for anyone with small change to own it in no time. This Apple Watch comes with aluminum case material, and the color of the watch itself is midnight black. Your kids will love the band, for it is the sport type, and the band color is also midnight black. This product is 32 GB capacity in storage specs.Health wise, this Series 8 will make things better for your kids.Google Pixel FoldThis is the first of its series, and sure enough, the Pixel Fold will soon here with wireless charging. There’s also table-top camera, rear camera, durable stainless steel hinge and lots of goodness. You will love the Google’s powerful Tensor G2 chip for maximum security. Why not preorder now with just $25 a month?See Also: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Kids Edition: AT&T’s first tablet for kids is hereScosche Handle It Bike MountInstead of paying $20 you can pay half the price for Scosche Handle It Bike Mount but hurry before it sells out. It helps to securely mount your device while riding through the hills. Open arms for up to 4” for iPhone, iPod, Android devices, Blackberry, and more. You can have multiple viewing angles. The push-button release allows for easy access to your device.These are not just the latest tech, these are the top deals from AT&T! You may need to check the full guide here to see everything the company is offering to make life easy for its customers.

The 5G speed race is over and T-Mobile has won

Opensignal's latest 5G experience report shows T-Mobile continues to dominate in download speeds and coverage, but are those the only metrics that count?

Google Pixel Fold: AT&T’s Exclusive Offer Makes It More Affordable Than Ever!

Get ready to experience the cutting-edge technology of the Google Pixel Fold, now available at an unbeatable price exclusively for AT&T customers. Not only does this innovative device fold in half, but you can also get it for an incredible 50% off!AT&T is making ownership of the $1,800 Google Pixel Fold easier than ever with a special offer. For just $25 per month, with no trade-in required, you can own this revolutionary device. This limited-time offer is available starting Tuesday, June 20. To secure your Pixel Fold, simply visit this link: Pixel Fold was announced by Google earlier this year at I/O and marks the first edition of Moutain View’s in-house foldable Android device. Following the likes of Samsung and OPPO, Google now enters this arena with flexible screens. As a reminder, it features a 5.8-inch OLED screen when closed and a full 7.6-inch display when fully opened.But that’s not all! AT&T is committed to making the entire Pixel portfolio accessible to both new and existing customers. You can get the Pixel 7a for a mere $2 per month, the Pixel 7 for just $5 per month, or the Pixel 7 Pro for only $10 per month – all without the need for a trade-in.Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to own the Google Pixel Fold at an unprecedented price. Stay ahead of the curve and visit AT&T today to embrace the future of mobile technology!

AT&T offers free Galaxy Buds2, other deals this Father’s Day

As father’s Day approaches, AT&T has prepared deals on Galaxy Buds2, multiple deals, and offers for any Father’s Day roundups.First call, Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are free when a customer purchases any of Samsung Galaxy S23+ or Galaxy S23 Ultra. Buds2 is a steady $149.99 in value. When a customer buys any of these phones, they get up to $800 off with eligible trade-in.Galaxy Buds2 is a perfect gift for dad because it delivers high quality sound for him to enjoy whenever he’s doing what dads do. It’s a good companion for jogging, hiking, working in the yard or anywhere else. The high quality sound makes it easy for dad to enjoy the entertainment anywhere he finds himself.Best deals on phones with trade-insAT&T is currently offering other deals that are live and that could fit into the lifestyle of tech lovers. There are deals on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max –free with eligible trade-in, while the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 allows up to $800 off with trade-in, and this costs only $5.56 per month.See Also: New tax time deals from AT&T offers free phone and more for prepaid customersPhone deals with no trade-insCustomers may get Google Pixel 7a for $2 a month. Pixel 7 Pro goes for $10 per month, while iPhone SE is $5 a month. Samsung Galaxy A14 goes for $2 per month, and iPhone 13 is $10.99 per month. These are the best deals on phones with no trade-ins needed.Cricket Wireless deals – Select Android devices available for free (June1st to June 8)Great offers are also available from Cricket Wireless. When subscribers activate a new line of services on Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, moto g 5G (2022), or Cricket Innovate E 5G, they get any of these free on unlimited plans.Check out all Cricket deals here.Also check out below links to all the deals:iPhone 14 Pro: Free with eligible trade-iniPhone 14 Pro Max: $1000 off with eligible trade-in, costs only $2.78/mozSamsung Galaxy S23: Free with trade-in (any year, any condition)Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Up to $800 off with trade-in (any year, any condition), costs only $5.56/moGoogle Pixel 7a: $2/moGoogle Pixel 7 Pro: $10/moiPhone SE: $5/moSamsung Galaxy A14: $2/moiPhone 13: $10.99/moApple Watches: (Ultra 49mm; Series 8 45mm and 41mm; SE 2nd Gen (2022) 40mm and 44mm; Series 7 45mm and 41mm) – Buy 2, get $300 offSamsung Galaxy Watch (Watch5 44mm): Buy 2, get $360 offGoogle Pixel Watch: $5/moThe Belkin 15W 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe Watch Fast Charge ($149.99) is for the dads who want to upgrade their daily organization. With the MagSafe Watch First Charge, he can charge his phone, Airpods, and Apple Watch at once while keeping his desk spacious and neat.The JBL Charge5 Bluetooth Speaker ($179.95) delivers bold sound and has up to 20 hours of playtime. It’s waterproof and is the size is perfect for spontaneous daytrips to the beach or road trips.Samsung Galaxy A14 5G: When you activate a new line of service on our $60/mo. Unlimited Planmoto g 5G (2022): When you activate a new line of service on our $60/mo. Unlimited PlanCricket Innovate E 5G: When you activate a new line of service on any Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile’s 5G is still unmatched — but have speeds plateaued?

Ookla's latest market analysis reveals the fastest carriers, states, and cities across the U.S. —  but have we reached the peak?

New tax time deals from AT&T offers free phone and more for prepaid customers

It’s tax season and that has all of us wondering if we’ll get a refund this year, and if we do, how much can we expect to get back? However, some of us are wondering how much we’ll end up owing the tax man. Lucky for you, AT&T has some great deals for prepaid customers running through April 20, including one for a free phone. So, whether you’re getting a big refund or none at all, there’s something to fit any budget.Let’s start with the free phone, because I know that’s what has everyone’s curiosity piqued. The Motorola G Pure features a 6.5-inch HD+ display and sports 13MP+2MP rear cameras. It is currently available for free when customers port their number and activate a new unlimited plan with AT&T. Alternatively, you can grab the Motorola G Pure for $29.99 when you activate a new line with any monthly plan with AutoPay enabled.That brings us to the rest of the deals, going in order by price, we have the Samsung A03s for $19.99 when you port in your number and sign up for an unlimited plan. Just like with the previous deal, if you choose to activate without porting in your number, it’ll set you back $39.99 with any monthly plan with AutoPay.Next up, is the Samsung A13 LTE and AT&T Radiant Max 5G, both of which are available for $49.99 when you port in your number and activate an unlimited prepaid plan. If you choose to not port in your number, then you’ll end up paying $69.99 for either of these smartphones when you activate a monthly plan with AutoPay.Finally, we have the Moto g 5G, which starts at $69.99 when you port in your number on an unlimited plan. The price jumps up to $99.99 when you sign up for a monthly plan with AutoPay enabled without porting your number.As I mentioned above, this promotion will only be available until April 20, 2023. That should still give you plenty of time to see what kind of refund or bill you can expect from the IRS before you commit to one of these deals.

AT&T has Valentine’s Day deals to win over your sweetheart

Nobody wins when you shop for Valentine’s Day at the last minute. You end up paying more or making a rushed decision, and that only leaves your wallet hurting and your significant other disappointed. Fortunately, AT&T has some early deals you can snag before the big day. Not only could these deals help save you some money, but they might just give you some ideas on how to win over that gadget geek in your life.First up, is a smartwatch. It’s the perfect device to help your significant other keep an eye on their heart, as well as stay on top of all the messages you send them. AT&T is offering 50% off on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 with no trade-in required. It does require a new line though, and the price is after credits which are applied over a 36-month period. However, these are a couple of the best smartwatches available and would be sure to please anyone in the market for one.If your partner is a fan of Fitbit and staying in shape, then they’ll also love the Google Pixel Watch that AT&T is also offering for 50% off. The details are the same as the Samsung smartwatch deal though, you’ll need a new line and the discount is applied as a credit over a 36-month period.How about a gift to improve your sweetheart’s work-from-home experience? For that, AT&T has the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go for 50% off. Just like with the previous deals, there are some strings attached. Thankfully, there’s no trade-in required, but you will need to purchase the Galaxy Chromebook Go on an installment plan and a new line is required. However, that will get you this shiny new Chromebook which is great for work or school for less than $5 a month over a 36-month period.Finally, how about some fantastic accessories for all of the devices your partner already owns, such as this Flipstik for your adorable influencer. Haven’t heard of the Flipstik? Then you’re in for a treat. This ingenious phone accessory uses technology based on NASA research to allow you to stick your device to nearly any surface. No longer will you have to be the glorified tripod when it’s possible for them to stick their phone to any wall or use the kickstand on a table.What if they prefer a more hands-on approach? Then grab them a stylish PopSocket to prevent drops and ensure their smartphone stays in their hand comfortably. Even better, PopSockets start as low as $7.50, so they aren’t hard on your wallet either.Sometimes accidents happen though, so to keep their phone protected you might want to have a look at this selection of phone cases from Carson & Quinn that AT&T carries. They range in price starting at $5 and going all the way up to $50, and you can find one for many of the most popular smartphone models.

Here’s another big reason why T-Mobile 5G dominates AT&T and Verizon

You're much more likely to get 5G coverage on T-Mobile than on any other carrier

T-Mobile is leaving AT&T and Verizon in the 5G dust

Ookla's latest market research report shows that T-Mobile is pulling even farther ahead in the 5G race.