Friday, April 19, 2024

I love the Garmin HRM-FIT’s accuracy, but I’m sticking with my sweaty old chest strap — here’s why


Not every female-centric fitness hurdle needs a tech-based solution. When I’m ready to stop choking on my own hair as my unruly ponytail swings across my face, for example, I can probably braid it. However, there are many real shortcomings in fitness trackers and equipment designed for men first. In light of this, seeing a company prioritize women and female designers is always exciting. The Garmin HRM-FIT is one of the latest wellness tools launched with women in mind. The device provides an alternative way of monitoring heart rates, and after two weeks of testing, I’m impressed by its accuracy, even if I’m not ready to adopt the new design.

It’s hard to beat Garmin (that’s a heart rate pun)

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