Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tweetbot Creators Launch Ivory for Mac: Well-Designed Mastodon App


Tweetbot creator Tapbots this week released Ivory for Mac following months of beta testing, bringing its well-designed Mastodon app to the desktop. Mastodon is a social network that gained popularity following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter last year.

A new “Universal” subscription tier allows users to access Ivory across the Mac, iPhone, and iPad for $24.99 per year, or users can subscribe to the Mac app on its own for $14.99 per year. A free seven-day trial is available and provides access to all features, and the app can be used in read-only mode without a subscription at any time.

Ivory has a similar design as Tweetbot, a third-party Twitter app that Tapbots was forced to abandon after Musk cut off their access to the platform. Tapbots promises to add new features to Ivory as development continues, but the app already provides one of the best experiences for using Mastodon on the Mac. MacStories editor John Voorhees published a review of Ivory for Mac yesterday for a closer look at the app.

Ivory can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. The app requires a Mac running macOS Ventura or later, according to the listing.Tags: Tapbots, Mastodon
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