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Motorola ThinkPhone review: It’s worth thinking about

Lenovo has been the steward of the iconic ThinkPad brand for almost 20 years, and the Motorola division it picked up in 2014 has its own historic importance as the inventor of the cell phone. Combine those two brands, and you have the ThinkPhone. It’s every bit a modern smartphone on the inside, but it’s got a refreshing ThinkPad vibe on the outside. Motorola is aiming this device at enterprise, but even the average smartphone user should take note of the ThinkPhone — it’s one of the best phones from Motorola since the company became part of Lenovo. Find out more in Android Authority’s Motorola ThinkPhone review.

Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola

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$699.99 at Motorola

About the Motorola ThinkPhone review: I tested the ThinkPhone over a period of two weeks. It was running Android 13 on the April 2023 security patch. The unit was provided by Motorola for this review.

Motorola ThinkPhone review: What you need to know