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Apple Launches Multiview Sports Feature for Apple TV 4K

Apple today announced the launch of a new multiview feature for the Apple TV 4K, which is designed to allow MLS Season Pass and Friday Night Baseball fans to watch multiple sports games at the same time.

‌Apple TV‌ 4K owners can watch up to four simultaneous sports streams, including Major League Soccer matches, Friday Night Baseball games, and some MLS and MLB live shows like MLS 360 and MLB Big Inning.

The customizable multiview experience in the ‌Apple TV‌ app lets users see available live games at the bottom of the screen, and they can select the games that they want to watch. There are multiple layout options available for two matches and for matches, along with audio control preferences. Swapping back to one screen can be done with a click.

Though Apple does not mention it, multiview sports could require tvOS 16.5, as the feature has been active during the tvOS 16.5 beta testing period. tvOS 16.5 is available as of today.Related Roundup: Apple TVBuyer’s Guide: Apple TV (Buy Now)Related Forum: Apple TV and Home Theater
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