Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Apple may be working on a supersized iPad for 2023


Rumors have been making the internet rounds that Apple is making an iPad bigger than we’ve ever seen. Now, one report claims that we might be getting a 16-inch version of the tablet soon — like, 2023 soon. According to a report from The Information, the oversized iPad could be launching in Q4 2023, which would make sense with Apple’s current iPad announcement and release schedule.

While having a general understanding of the launch window for a new-sized iPad is all well and good, the fact that Apple is working on a 16-inch version of the tablet is even more intriguing. Previous reports from Bloomberg have suggested that the tech giant is working on a 14-inch iPad, but the additional two inches of screen real estate would put it on par with the biggest MacBook Pros.

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According to the report, the 16-inch iPad would be intended to “further blur the line between iPad and MacBook,” something Apple has been focusing on lately with iPadOS 16. It’s possible that the company could be working on a line of oversized tablets with 14- and 16-inch offerings for those looking to have the maximum amount of space available for their touch screens.

As The Information points out, an iPad of this size would likely be marketed to creatives who may need the extra space. For anyone else, it might be a little bit overkill as a 16-inch display would be difficult to hold and would likely be quite a bit more expensive than the 10.9-inch base models.

This isn’t the only news that Apple has been working on new versions of the iPad. A recent report claimed that the company was working on a plastic-backed budget version of the tablet before ultimately scrapping the idea entirely. While we don’t know for certain what’s going on with Apple behind the scenes, it seems like there are enough reports pointing to the idea that new iterations of the iPad may be coming soon. Until Apple officially announces them, however, we’ll be left making educated guesses based on the current crop of rumors and reports.

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