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A Plague Tale: Requiem — Perfect Throw trophy and achievement guide


A Plague Tale: Requiem is a rather somber tale filled with plenty of sadness and loss throughout, so the segments where our main characters, siblings Amicia and Hugo, get to laugh and smile are always welcomed. Some of the game’s trophies and achievements are tied to these brief moments of respite, such as Perfect Throw, which tasks you with successfully completing all throws in the crown game. If you haven’t come across this one naturally, no worries – we’ll tell you where to find the crown game and how to complete it below.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach Chapter VIII: A Sea of Promises

How to find the crown game to earn the Perfect Throw trophy or achievement

The crown game is found in the market during the opening segment of Chapter VIII: A Sea of Promises. Early on, you’ll dock on the island and enter the city, where you’ll be tasked with wandering around a market and inquiring about where you may find the tree and bird from Hugo’s dream.

Step 1: As you continue through the market, you’ll eventually make your way down a tight alleyway where Amicia will ask whether they should be concerned about the Count’s army. Around this time, keep an eye out on your left for a set of stairs leading into an optional section of the city with a few stalls and such.

Step 2: When you’ve entered the optional area down the stairs, note the largest stall with four crowns of flowers hanging in it. Approach this spot and initiate a conversation to begin the crown game, which Amicia will happily agree to play as Hugo cheers her on.

Step 3: You’ll need to aim and throw one pot through each crown to win the game, which shouldn’t prove too difficult. Just take your time and be sure not to accidentally hit the outside of a crown. If you fail, you can always reload your checkpoint and give it another go.

When you’ve completed the crown game, you’ll earn the Perfect Throw trophy or achievement, as well as the Flower Crown souvenir.

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