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Deals: AirPods Pro 2 See First Discount at Amazon Prior to Launch ($9 Off)

The first-generation AirPods Pro have been one of the most consistently discounted Apple products at Amazon over the past couple of years, seeing frequent discounts of at least $50 from their $249 list price. In fact, the 2021 revision with MagSafe charging case is currently available for $179.98, a savings of almost $70 from its original price.

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But with new second-generation AirPods Pro available for pre-order now ahead of a launch next week, we’ve been keeping an eye out for any discounts on the latest model, and Amazon has just come through. It’s a modest $9 discount that brings them down to $239.99, but for those looking to pick up a pair right around launch day, it could be the best initial discount we’ll see.

$9 OFFAirPods Pro 2 for $239.99

The early discount before the new AirPods Pro have even launched is a good sign that Amazon will continue to be aggressive with pricing on the new model, but it may be a while before we see more substantial discounts on the order of those seen for previous models.

Amazon continues to have solid prices on several other AirPods models as well, including AirPods Max for $429.00 ($120 off) and AirPods 3 with the MagSafe charging case for $149.98 ($29 off), though the latter is seeing delayed shipping by a few weeks.

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