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Striking new Burning Red hybrid G-Shock fitness watches will make you stand out


One of our favorite things about Casio’s G-Shock range of watches is the breadth of choice there is when it comes to colors and styles. We reviewed the simple black version of the GBD-200 Bluetooth fitness watch, but if that’s not bright enough for you then take a look at the new Burning Red series, which paints the GDB-200 and GBA-900 hybrid connected watches in a striking red color.

G-Shock Burning Red GBD-200RD (left) and GBA-900RD (right).

The square GBD-200RD-4 red case is attached to a red urethane band, while the bezel around the MIPS LCD screen is black, as is the G-Shock logo. For a G-Shock it’s modestly sized at 45mm wide and 15mm deep, making it suitable for more wrists. It’s suitable for all-day wear too, as it’s very light and comfortable. The Bluetooth feature connects to the G-Shock Move app on your phone, and despite this the watch doesn’t need regular charging as it relies on its own internal battery, which should last for around two years before it needs changing.

Ideally suited to runners, the GBD-200’s connected features include a workout mode that shows distance, pace, and calories burned, plus interval and lap data, a fitness goal tracker, and an intensity meter. There’s a step counter for everyday use, and the watch shows notifications from your phone too. All G-Shock’s expected toughness is built in, with shock resistance and water resistance to 200 meters.

If the GBD-200’s design isn’t for you, perhaps the GBA-900 is a better choice? Again, the case and urethane strap are in red, and the same mix of black and red colors are incorporated into the analog-digital dial, but the case is larger at 49mm wide and almost 17mm deep. It has the same connected features as the GBD-200, the same battery life, and the same degree of toughness as well.

Prices are reasonable for both, with the GBD-200 costing $130 and the GBA-900 $150, making them a great alternative to the recently announced Garmin Vivomove Sport, which has a similar hybrid design, but more fitness tracking ability. Both new hybrid Burning Red G-Shock watches will be available in January through G-Shock’s online store and its retail boutiques.

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