Friday, February 23, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might offer the fastest S Pen ever


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is set to get a much faster S Pen, according to recent reports. The device will allegedly replace the Galaxy Note line as Samsung increases its focus on foldables. It is reportedly getting a faster and more responsive S Pen than the last Galaxy Note — three times as fast, actually.

Tech YouTuber Zaryab Khan, who recently dumped a product brochure detailing the Galaxy S22 series online, now claims that the S Pen latency has been toned down to an impressive 2.98 milliseconds. This means a reduction of latency by a 3x margin. To put that into perspective, the S Pen that arrived with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offered input latency of 9 milliseconds. The second-generation Apple Pencil also maxes out at the same number as Samsung’s stylus.

In practical terms, a 3x lower input latency means writing or drawing on the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s OLED screen will be a lot smoother, without any noticeable delay or lag whatsoever. It’ll get a lot closer to the same experience of writing or drawing with a pen and paper that the Note line has hoped to capture since its inception.

A Note-worthy upgrade


As for the design, leaked renders suggest that not much has changed. The next-gen S Pen will retain its slim form factor in order to fit in the stylus garage.

With an updated stylus and a 120Hz screen with a variable refresh rate in tow, S Pen fans are in for a treat with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. With a design reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, an in-built stylus, and an upgraded S Pen, the upcoming Galaxy S flagship is truly embracing the Galaxy Note legacy. And if Samsung manages to price it right, Galaxy Note fans salty about the lineup’s death might embrace the Galaxy S22 Ultra without any qualms.

As for when this new flagship might be launching, the South Korean Digital Daily website reports that Samsung is holding its first Unpacked event of the year on February 8. There, it plans to launch the S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra. After the event, Samsung will reportedly open pre-orders on February 8, with shipping on February 24.

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