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How to watch Asus’ The Incredible Unfolds event at CES 2022 tomorrow

It seems like 2022 will be the year of the foldable, and is Asus set to join the market at its The Incredible Unfolds event. With Samsung in the lead, Chinese companies like Oppo, Xiaomi, and Honor are jumping on the bandwagon. Now, it seems like yet another company wants to join the race. After launching the critically acclaimed Zenfone 8 series last year, Asus might be starting off 2022 strong with its very own foldable at CES 2022.

How to watch Asus The Incredible Unfolds event

As with most tech events during the course of the pandemic, Asus will be hosting a globally accessible livestream titled The Incredible Unfolds event. It will begin at 8 a.m. PT on Wednesday, January 5. If you’re on the East Coast, that’s 11 a.m. ET for you.

Once the stream starts, you can watch the event below — or you can catch it later in the day at your leisure.

What to expect from Asus’ The Incredible Unfolds event at CES 2022

The Raimstor/ Zentalk Forums

The biggest clue about Asuss plans is the name of the event — The Incredible Unfolds. Sure, Asus could launch an expensive polishing cloth, but foldables are all the rage now. Honor is rumored to be launching an Honor V, and we all know about Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Flip lines.

A thumbnail image of the YouTube livestream showcases a silhouette of what looks like a foldable. There is no official information or teasers for the device as of now and Asus hasn’t provided us with any information about the event. But it looks like it’ll adopt one of those inward-folding designs that we’ve seen on the Galaxy Z Fold series and Oppo Find N. This seems to be the most practical approach for a foldable smartphone that turns into a tablet. It’s surprising that the smartphone hasn’t appeared in the rumor mill.

On the other hand, Asus is also a prolific PC manufacturer — and foldable laptops have been floated in the past. We’ve seen the ThinkPad X1 Fold from Lenovo and Dell’s Ori. Asus has always been more successful with computers than phones, so it would make sense for its first foldable to be more laptop than phone. This is CES, after all, where practicality is a secondary concern. One way or the other, Asus is launching something that folds, and we’re excited to see it.

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