Sunday, February 25, 2024

Don’t miss this chance to buy a PS5 today



Today’s a fantastic opportunity to finally end your PS5 restock mission. Walmart has confirmed it will be getting both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition in from 3pm ET. Slow down a second though, as this will once again be limited to paying Walmart+ subscribers.

Walmart+ is a paid membership service, similar to Amazon Prime, but without the video streaming. In addition to exclusive access to these console restocks, you also get free delivery from your store – including groceries. You also get scan & go shopping in-store, fuel discounts, and discounted Rx prescriptions.

Hold your horses though, we know you’re probably only interested in signing up to increase your chances of bagging a PS5. While there is a free trial for Walmart Plus, you have to actually be a paying member to get early access so you’ll need to forgo the free trial. Head on over to the Walmart+ sign-up page and scroll down a little and click the ‘Start Paid membership’ button. Prices are $12.95 for a month, or $98 for a year.

Check out the linked listing pages below and expect PS5 stock to go live at 3pm ET on Monday. The PS5 will be $499 while the PS5 Digital Edition will be $399. Anything higher for the consoles on their own is a third-party reseller overcharging – avoid. The landing page for the regular PS5 might change, so try looking for it with the search function too if it’s not showing the proper price closer to 3pm.

Get signed in well before this time too and make sure your shipping and payment details are already entered into your account info, as the fewer screens you have to load the better if you’re lucky enough to get a PS5 in your basket. Expect Walmart’s site to really slow down, and possibly crash as is often the case when stores give advanced notice of PS5 restocks. Trust me, I’ve spent over a year writing about them.

Walmart’s PS5 restock

Sign up to Walmart+


$12.95 a month

Walmart+ gives you exclusive access to this PS5 restock. Make sure you skip the free trial by clicking the ‘Start Paid membership’ button or you won’t be let in to early access. You can ditch the service after a month if you don’t want to carry on using it by the way.

PS5 $499 at Walmart


$499 at Walmart

This is the full-on PS5, complete with a disc drive and the most popular version and will be the first one to sell out too. Walmart often changes the landing page link for its restocks, so be sure search the full selection of PS5 listing pages to find the $499 version if it doesn’t pop here.

PS5 Digital Edition $399 at Walmart


$399 at Walmart

This version of the console does not have a disc-drive. So the the only games you can play are ones downloaded from the PlayStation Store, which we find is often more expensive than disc-based games. You’re also losing out on DVD and Blu-ray playback. If you’ve moved onto an all-digital world though, then this might work for you and you’ll save $100.

Check these stores for PS5 stock too

  • PS5 ($499.99): Amazon | Best Buy | Target | GameStop | Newegg

  • PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99): Amazon | Best Buy | Target | GameStop | Newegg

You’ll be wanting some extra storage and maybe a spare pad too, so check out our guides on where to buy the different PS5 controller colors and also the best PS5 SSD picks.

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