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These are currently the best co-op games you can play on PS4


Sometimes you don’t want to play a game by yourself; sometimes you want to have a good time with a friend. For the purposes of this list, we stuck to games that don’t typically fall under the category of competitive multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege, and more. The games below give a great cooperative experience without the threat of random strangers mowing you down and possibly ruining the fun. Of course, these are also playable on PS5, through backwards compatibility.

Best co-op games for PS4:

  • Borderlands 3
  • It Takes Two
  • A Way Out
  • The Division 2: Warlords of New York Edition
  • Minecraft
  • LEGO DC Super-Villains
  • Overcooked! 2
  • TowerFall Ascension
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Unravel Two
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  • Nidhogg 2
  • Human: Fall Flat
  • Guacamelee! One-Two Punch Collection
  • Rayman Legends
  • Rocket League Ultimate Edition
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
  • KeyWe


  • The Jackbox Series
  • Gang Beasts
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Sportsfriends

Borderlands 3

Love or hate the series’ trademark humor, Borderlands is one of the best franchises out there when it comes to co-op play. Borderlands 3 introduces four new Vault Hunters with a variety of character builds so that even if you and your friends are playing as the same character, no two will ever be alike. Whether you play as a mystical Siren or digi-cloned ex-hitman, you’ll need some friends if you want to help save the galaxy. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition are also extremely reccomendable, but we’re showcasing the third entry here as the best in the series.

Borderlands 3


$12 at Amazon

$15 at Playstation

Legendary looter shooter franchise Borderlands presents superb co-op play, with the third installment polishing the gameplay to a brilliant shine.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is one of the best games of 2021, one of the best co-op experiences on PS4, and one that everyone should play. The game sees characters Cody and May attempt to repair their marriage through a magical adventure, for the sake of their unhappy daughter Rose. Playable in local and online co-op, players will experience expertly crafted levels, each containing a series of minigames that keep things interesting. Levels also come with unique power-ups that only one of the two players can wield, increasing replayability. It Takes Two is one of the best games this year, blending platforming with excellent storytelling and memorable characters, and you and a partner will surely enjoy it immensely.

It Takes Two


$34 at Amazon

$20 at Playstation

Josef Fares’s latest co-op game is a masterpiece of level design, with carefully crafted characters and an irresistible charm.

A Way Out

The predecessor to It Takes Two, A Way Out made waves when it was first revealed for being out-of-the-box. It wasn’t the typical type of experience players were used to seeing as it requires you to play with a friend. Two players take on the role of two inmates who, only with the help of each other, attempt to escape prison. Because of this, you can play A Way Out either online or through local split-screen co-op. The game features some memorable moments and twists you don’t see coming, and it’s overall a blast to play.

A Way Out


$30 at Playstation

A Way Out is a stellar co-op experience. Working together to escape prison is immensely satisfying, and each character feels unique to play.

The Division 2: Warlords of New York Edition

Don’t let the bitter taste of The Division turn you away from The Division 2, this is the essential example of a company learning from their mistakes. Grab some friends, pick your unique class and hit up some online tactical co-op. You can focus solely PvE or toss in a little PvP as you complete missions to build out your base. With regular updates having rolled out since launch, this is one packed experience that is sure to occupy you and your friends for some time.

The Division 2: Warlords of New York Edition


$10 at Amazon

$9 at PlayStation

The Division 2 is far better than the original, and more fun in co-op. The gameplay is decent too, and provides a great experience for you and some friends.


There’s almost no limit to what you can do in Minecraft, making it a highly versatile game. You want to explore and slay monsters with friends? You got it. Build elaborate castles together? You can do that too. With the help of a few other players, you can even create and build your own mini-games within it. All you need is your imagination and some extra manpower to get it done.

Minecraft – PS4


$40 at Amazon

$20 at Playstation

With limitless potential for co-op fun, Minecraft should always be in the conversation when talking about the best co-op games. A must play.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

Any LEGO video game is always good to play through with a friend, and LEGO DC Super-Villains just so happens to be one of the best recent games in the series. If you’ve ever wanted to play against your favorite heroes and see how the bad guys operate, this is the way to do it. While this one doesn’t support online co-op, you can play the entire campaign through local couch co-op with a friend.

LEGO DC Super-Villains


$15 at Amazon $15 at Walmart

$60 at Playstation

LEGO DC Super-Villains, like most LEGO games, is extremely fun solo or with a friend, and the range of playable characters means you won’t get bored.

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2’s premise is simple: cook the best meal you can in the allotted time while dealing with wacky obstacles. Add a friend or two into the mix and the game becomes even more hectic. The good thing is that chaos is part of the fun. If you don’t want a helping hand in the kitchen, you can compete against a friend to sees who’s best. Overcooked! 2 also supports online or local co-op.

Overcooked! 2 – PS4


$24 at Amazon $25 at Walmart

$7 at Playstation

Overcooked 2 is chaotic, charming and frustrating in equal measure, but will have you and some friends addicted to its satisfying gameplay loop very quickly.

TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension was primarily designed by one person, but it has the exceptional quality of an indie made by a group. This 16-bit action game is great for parties where you can play locally with friends. You’ll be thrown into an arena armed with a bow and arrows to fight to the death in your own little mini-battle royale.

TowerFall Ascension – PS4


$15 at PlayStation

Fighting against friends in Towerfall Ascension is exhilarating, and will bring out the competitive side in anyone who plays it.

Don’t Starve Together

As the name implies, your goal here is to not starve… together. The world around you will do its best to tear you down, and you’ll need to survive with the help of a friend to ensure you stay well-fed and healthy. The influence of Tim Burton is evident in its art style, so make sure you go into Don’t Starve Together prepared for a dark adventure.

Don’t Starve Together – PS4


$45 at Amazon

$6 at PlayStation

A challenging yet addictive experience awaits in Don’t Starve Together, a game that draws from lessons learnt in the single player experience and lets you experience the dark survival game with a friend.

Unravel Two

This puzzling co-op is local only (unless you happen to have a PS Vita). But, for a couch co-op what is better than Yarny? Two Yarnies! Work your way through a world from a new perspective where the simplest things can now propose difficult challenges. Approach each new puzzle with an open mind and perhaps discover the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

Unravel Two – PS4


$20 at PlayStation

This charming side-scroller is extremely engaging, and delivers some sublime visuals too. It’s a great co-op puzzler.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Defuse a bomb in VR without the pressure of real-life consequences. That’s literally the game. One player is tasked with talking their buddy through disarming a bomb, but here’s the kicker: the person disarming the bomb can’t see the instructions, and the person providing instructions can’t see the bomb. Bombs are procedurally-generated so players never know what they’ll be walking in to. It’s the ultimate test of trust and communication.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – PS4


$8 at PlayStation

Test your friendship with this tense VR thriller, with communication key to success. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a unique co-op game, and well worth checking out.

Nidhogg 2

Nidhogg 2 was made for two players. Pitting you against another, you’ll need to use everything in your arsenal to fight your way to the end of your opponent’s side of the screen. The first one to do so wins and gets eaten by mythological Norse serpent Níðhöggr — you know, just your usual side-scrolling shenanigans.

Nidhogg 2 – PS4


$15 at PlayStation

A chaotic side-scroller, Nidhogg 2 is a true test of skill between you and your co-op partner. Who will get eaten and be victorious?

Human: Fall Flat

Puzzles are a lot easier to solve with friends… usually (two minds are better than one and all that jazz). Human: Fall Flat contains a wide variety of physics-based puzzles that players can complete either alone or together with two players in local co-op or up to eight players online. Don’t let the minimalist art style fool you because navigating through the dream-like environments is tougher than it seems.

Human: Fall Flat – PS4


$15 at Amazon

$20 at PlayStation

Patience and communication is key in this fun co-op puzzle game, with tasks not quite as easy as they might first appear.

Guacamelee! One-Two Punch Collection

Guacamelee! and its sequel are some of the finest platformers you’ll come across. They ooze character and you can tell that a lot of love went into crafting its universe. Team up with a friend and take on its insanely difficult boss battles and platforming sections together. There’s a reason it’s described as a Metroidvania, after all.

Guacamelee! One-Two Punch Collection


$40 at Amazon

Platforming games are fun solo, let alone as a pair. This collection contains two excellent examples, with plenty of content to keep you and a friend entertained.

Rayman Legends

Looking for something a tad less frustrating but still want a challenge? Try out Rayman Legends. There’s a reason the Rayman series has become so successful since its inception in 1995. The fantastical worlds it introduces us to in each iteration are gorgeous, and the platforming itself is impeccable. Try it out with some friends to get the most out of it.

Rayman Legends


$15 at Amazon $25 at Walmart

$20 at PlayStation

A sequel to the equally fantastic Origins, Legends is the pinnacle of side-scrolling Rayman, and you can experience it with a friend too.

Rocket League

Have you ever thought “soccer would be cool if we played it with cars instead?” That’s the basic premise of Rocket League. Two teams try to score on the other’s goal, and the only thing you have to move the ball is a rocket-powered car. The “rocket-powered” is a point to note because it makes for some incredible gameplay when you can drive up the sides of arenas and blast into the air for a long jump.

Rocket League – PS4


Free at PlayStation Store

Rocket League is an extremely addictive game, and playing with friends only increases this. Build a squad and rise up the rankings.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

Divinity: Origin Sin 2 is a fantastic game, that wears its fantasy inspirations on its sleeve. You’ll easily get sucked into the world of Rivellon, especially if you’re someone who loves the intricacies of true role-playing games and wants nothing watered down. That’s not to say you need to be an expert to play it, though, so hop in with a partner and have fun.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition


$22 at Walmart

$60 at Playstation

If a heavy RPG is what you’re looking for, jump into Divinity: Original Sin 2 with a couple of friends, and see how much it has to offer.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Work together to defeat the evil forces of Anti-Love in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Each player controls certain aspects of your spaceship, like its thrusters and shield, while you move from station to station in the ship and try to make your way to the end of the level by rescuing some lovable creatures along the way.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – PS4


$6 at PlayStation

Up to four people can pilot a spaceship in this co-op shooter, as you work together across four varied and engaging campaigns.


Have you ever wondered how two kiwis would fare running a postal delivery service? Well now your questions have been answered with this charming co-op experience. Utilizing the skills of kiwis Jeff and Debra, players will have to work together to complete tasks such as typing messages and correctly sending parcels, tasks made harder by their lack of hands. Butt-slam your way through various levels of increasing difficulty with a partner.



$20 at Best Buy

$25 at PlayStation

The improbable and hilarious scenario Jeff and Debra find themselves in is one that you and a friend will surely enjoy for hours.

Opt for co-op

When you want to ignore the online world of multiplayer games for a while, why not play with a friend? Borderlands 3 gives you so many hours of gunning fun. It’s a blast playing with a group of friends, but the humor in this series is oriented towards adults. It Takes Two is fun for all ages, and combines incredible level design with a fun story.

For children out there, Overcooked! 2 is great. You can also hop into Minecraft where your imagination is your only limitation.

No matter which style of game you prefer, there is an escape from massively multiplayer games that doesn’t mean you have to play alone. No matter if it’s online or in-person for a couch co-op that you are looking for, we have a little something for everybody. Grab a friend, grab a game and have some fun!

Best social games for PS4


As well as excellent co-op experiences, the PS4 is host to some great social and party games. Perfect for groups either in your living room or online, these games provide a way of passing the time, improving the atmosphere at a gathering, or building bonds between yourself and others. Again, these games are also playable through backwards compatibility if you’ve managed to snag a shiny new PS5.

The Jackbox Series

Stuck at home with nothing to do and want a fun party game to get your friends together? The Jackbox series is your answer. With eight party packs available to date, the series provides plenty of different minigames to get stuck into. Featuring iconic games such as Drawful, Fibbage XL, and Quiplash, It’s perfect if you want to have a laugh without worrying about the stress that other games might induce, and the variation of games on offer within each pack means there’s always something for everyone.

The Jackbox Series


$13 at PlayStation

Featuring a slew of quality minigames, the Jackbox series is perfect for a large group to get stuck into. The use of your mobile devices alongside the PS4 make this an easy one to pick up and play too.

Gang Beasts

Want to mindlessly brawl with your friends using weirdly gelatinous characters? That’s the premise of Gang Beasts. Take to the streets of Beef City and wrestle it out in some wacky and hazardous environments all for your enjoyment and bragging rights. But mostly bragging rights. Battle against enemies in local and online multiplayer or team up with friends in the gang game mode.

Gang Beasts


$20 at PlayStation

Another game to bring out that competitive side, Gang Beasts is a great option for some low-key fun with friends.

Knowledge is Power

Another game making smart use of mobile devices, Knowledge is Power is a fun quiz game that allows multiple participants. There is more than meets the eye here though, as players can use power plays to negatively affect others, with gunk making it hard to see and ice making it difficult to click the correct answer. Needless to say, those on the receiving end are going to get frustrated pretty quickly.

Knowledge is Power


$10 at PlayStation

A quiz with a twist, Knowledge is Power subverts expectations by adding some tricks for players to exploit, resulting in gameplay that is sure to go down well at family gatherings!


Sportsfriends is an interesting title that consists of a number of minigames, but ones that you won’t have seen before. Games like the retro-styled Baribariball and the fast-paced Hokra are a joy to learn and play with friends, and the use of Move controllers adds a different dynamic. Make sure to Google the code to unlock some secret games too!



$15 at PlayStation

Up to four players can enjoy Sportsfriends and its interesting and strange minigames. It’s perfect for parties!

Party time

The Jackbox Party Pack series is the ultimate party franchise, built entirely around having fun with your friends. The Jackbox Party Pack 3 in particular is amazing because it doesn’t get much better than Quiplash 2. Drawful comes close, though, so for that you’ll want the original Jackbox Party Pack. You can always buy those two games separately should you wish to.

If you’re sick of seeing The Jackbox Party Pack everywhere and want something a little different, then try out Gang Beasts. It comes highly recommended by a lot of us here at Android Central. Sometimes you just need some stupid, silly fun in the form of wrestling gelatinous figures. If quizzes are your thing though, Knowledge is Power is you, though be prepared for the tricks it throws your way!

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