Monday, December 4, 2023

Jiggle Physics 109: Splinter Cell Remake; Nintendo Indie World



Ubisoft has announced a Splinter Cell remake, and sales of FFXIV have been suspended due to server issues. The team also chime in on NFTs in the video game industry, the latest Nintendo news, and more.

Hosted by: Jennifer Locke, Carli Velocci, and Rebecca Spear

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  • Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) sales suspended due to Endwalker server issues | Windows Central
  • On NFTs, and why Ubisoft hates video games (and you) | Windows Central
  • Nintendo recap: Breath of the Wild 2 patents show off some moves and Pokémon trailer leaves us with more questions | iMore
  • Nintendo Indie World: Everything announced during the December 2021 showcase | iMore

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