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The best Fitbit for men in 2021

Attention guys! If you are trying to figure out how to live a healthier lifestyle, a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch may be in your near future. Fitbit, a wearable device that you don’t need a pilot’s license to operate, may very well suit your needs for a range of athletic activities and health monitoring. Numerous Fitbit models are tailored to help you get started with a new routine, whether your favorite activity is watching old movies on the couch, pumping iron at the gym, or jogging around the neighborhood. Some Fitbits are more elaborate — and more expensive — so we present a variety of some of the best Fitbits out there to help you decide which one is right for you.

Fitbit Charge 4

When you’re on your run, you can use the Fitbit Charge 4’s built-in GPS to monitor your pace and distance, while a built-in workout intensity map in the app displays your heart rate changes as you move. The tracker features active zone minutes when you reach your target heart rate zones, as well as skin temperature tracking and sleep tracking. The app also lets you view your blood oxygen (SpO2) nightly average and trends over the past week. The battery lasts up to seven days or up to five hours when using the GPS function.

Fitbit Versa 3

With just a Fitbit Versa 3 on your wrist, you can leave your smartphone at home as you run, bike, or hike while using the built-in GPS and Fitbit app to view your pace and distance and monitor your workout intensity map. This smartwatch tracks active zone minutes and gives you a buzz when you accelerate the intensity. You can also see your blood oxygen levels and use the Fitbit app to track your health trends over time. Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa lets you set bedtime reminders and alarms and control your smart home devices via voice. The built-in mic and speaker facilitate Bluetooth calls, activate voicemail, and control volume. You can also store and play music and podcasts on Spotify, Deezer, or Pandora.

Fitbit Sense

With the Fitbit Sense, an EDA Scan app measuring electrodermal activity helps to identify your responses to stress, while a built-in skin temperature sensor lets you log and view variations. This tracker also lets you monitor your heart for atrial fibrillation — a heart rhythm irregularity — and share those results with your doctor. You can also see your nightly blood oxygen levels via a collection of clock faces. Use the built-in GPS during runs, hikes, and rides to monitor pace and distance without your phone; the built-in mic and speaker facilitate Bluetooth calls when your phone is nearby. Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa gets you news, sets bedtime reminders and alarms, and controls smart home devices with your voice. The battery lasts six days, while fast charging gives you a full day’s charge in 12 minutes.

Fitbit Ionic Watch

The Ionic is a universal smartwatch that’s first and foremost dedicated to your fitness. Set up personalized workouts with step-by-step coaching and use the built-in GPS functionality to track pace, distance, and routes alongside continuous heart rate tracking and real-time zones. Use the Iconic to monitor your runs, swims, rides, workouts, and sleep with four-day battery life. Access your favorite apps for sports and weather, and make payments with the built-in NFC chip. Store and play some 300 songs or download playlists from Pandora. The package includes both large and small bands for a comfortable fit. Check out our review here.

Fitbit Inspire 2

The Inspire 2 is a thin bracelet tracker that can monitor your activity all day, including steps, distance, hourly activity, and calories burned. This swim-proof tracker is water-resistant to 50 meters and encourages connection with friends to compete in challenges, earn badges, and mark milestones. Earn active zone minutes as you progress toward your weekly 150 minutes of cardio activity with some 20 exercise modes tracking distance and calories burned. Track your time in light, deep, and REM sleep to get a Sleep Score to understand your overall sleep quality. The unit features 10 days of battery life, though performance may vary with activity and resource usage.

Fitbit Blaze

The fashionable Fitbit Blaze lets you see simplified heart rate zones, allowing for exercise-intensity checking during workouts, complete with wrist-based heart rate monitoring. Its multi-sport tracking covers runs, cardio, cross-training, and biking with automatic recording of workouts to your dashboard. A connected GPS can map your routes and record run stats like pace and duration, which it can display when your phone is nearby. Check out our review for more.

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