Saturday, July 20, 2024

Save 70% on the NordPass password manager with this pre-Prime Day deal


We all know that reusing the same username and password for every website is a huge no-no but it can be really hard to think of varied, secure passwords and even harder to actually remember them. That’s where a decent password manager comes in handy. Using one can help generate secure passwords for you and store them safely so you don’t have to remember them or, worse, write them down on a sticky note by your computer.

Through June 29, you have the opportunity to fix that with a discounted NordPass subscription. For a limited time, you can save as much as 70% on the regular cost of the password management service. With monthly prices as low as $1.49, it’s well worth getting signed up for the extra security and peace of mind.

While the monthly is already affordable at $4.99, it isn’t discounted in this sale. If you’re looking to save though, you’ll want to choose either the one-year or two-year plan. Today’s sale brings the one-year plan down to just $23.88, which is like paying just $1.99 monthly, while the two-year plan is now on sale for $35.76. That’s like paying only $1.49 monthly and a far cry from its regular cost of $120; however, these plans must be paid in full to snag the discount.

NordPass allows you to save passwords without leaving your browser window and even gives you a strong password suggestion when creating an account with a new site. You can choose the length and complexity of your passwords and make them as random as possible for added security knowing NordPass will remember it for you.

You can access your passwords anywhere at any time. That includes your desktop computer, laptop, a mobile device, and even when you’re offline. The best part about NordPass is how easy it makes it to log in to various sites once you have a password saved. When you visit your favorite websites, it simply fills in your login information automatically. That means you can have really strong passwords with random letter and number combinations without having to remember them yourself.

You can also use NordPass to save and secure your credit card information, addresses, and other personal information. If you already have passwords saved on your device, NordPass can import them and it will sync passwords across all of your devices, regardless of their platform.

NordPass was designed by cybersecurity experts and your personal information is secured so that only you can see it; even NordPass employees will have no access to your data. It’s also been audited by independent researchers Cure53 to ensure its security. Plus, NordPass has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide it’s not the right service for you.

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