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Fox Now App No Longer Supports Third-Generation Apple TV

The Fox Now app has removed support for the third-generation Apple TV, with the app now only compatible with fourth-generation and later models of Apple’s set-top box.

Existing installs of Fox Now on third-gen Apple TVs no longer work, and the app has been removed from home screens, preventing users on the older hardware from accessing Fox live and on-demand content like TV shows and sports.

First spotted by Appleosophy, the change follows a Fox Now announcement in May that it would no longer support the third-gen box from June 17. Similar moves to drop third-gen support have been made by other streaming apps this year, including YouTube and CBS All Access.

While native third-gen ‌Apple TV‌ support has dropped, the Fox Now app is still available on iPhone and iPad, which means anyone with one of these iOS devices can still AirPlay Fox Now content to their ‌Apple TV‌ for watching, albeit indirectly.Related Roundup: Apple TVTag: Fox NowBuyer’s Guide: Apple TV (Buy Now)Related Forum: Apple TV and Home Theater
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