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Your Quest experience will feel next-level with these controller mods

While the Oculus Quest 2 ships with the amazing Oculus Touch controllers — which the headset can fully motion-track to give you a 1:1 experience in VR — sometimes what your hands are actually holding might not quite look like what you’re holding in VR. That’s why these great Oculus Quest 2 controller accessories are the perfect fit for some of the best Oculus Quest 2 games, as they’ll give you an even more immersive experience and may even help you play some games better.

The universal solution

VR Cover Controller Grips


Staff Pick

There are many different controller grip designs available for the Oculus Quest 2, but my personal favorite is the VR cover controller grips. They’re a tad bit more expensive than some other brands, but the comfort level, range of adjustability, and ease of removal make them an ideal solution for any situation. Despite the name, controller grips don’t just enhance your grip on the controller; they make it easier to hold, throw objects, and get a better hold on those joysticks.

$29 at Amazon

Keep it safe

VR Cover Halo Protectors


Have you ever violently clacked your controllers together while playing Beat Saber or accidentally punched something (or someone) while playing Superhot VR? Soften that blow and protect your controllers with these halo protectors, which will wrap that Quest 2 light ring with soft silicone, complete with cutouts for the LEDs inside that are used for tracking.

$15 at Amazon

A softer grip

KIWI design Silicone Grip Cover


If you suffer from sweaty hands or just want a better grip on your Quest 2 controllers, KIWI’s silicone grip cover is the solution you’ve been looking for. Power-soft silicone wraps around the entire controller, helps wick off sweat, and provides a firm grip. Soft silicone straps wrap around the back of your hands, keeping the controllers in place even if you were to let go. They’re wonderfully comfortable and even more useful!

$24 at Amazon

For serious shooters

Glistco Magni Stock


If you’re into competitive online shooters like Onward, Contractors, or Population: One, you’ll really appreciate this accessory. While the price tag seems a bit steep upfront, the results pay off almost immediately. From the moment you first use this magnetic gunstock, you’ll see an immediate improvement in your aiming and general gunplay in any one of these shooter games.

$85 at Amazon

A light gun



MASiKEN makes one of the coolest-looking Quest 2 controller accessories on this list, and they harken back to the days when players would use a light gun to shoot things on a TV screen (think Duckhunt). While these technically don’t do anything by themselves, they add a real shape and weight to the controller that makes it feel more like a gun, helping make games like Pistol Whip and Crisis VRigade more immersive. Plus, they really do look awesome. Comes in black or white options.

$23 at Amazon

A one-two punch

DeadEyeVR Ultimate Boxing Gloves


If you’ve played any of the many boxing games available for the Oculus Quest 2 — whether that’s Creed, Thrill of the Fight, or Mike Tyson’s Punchout-inspired Knockout League — you’ll know how much fun it can be to juke and punch in VR. These gloves will give you a real feeling of being in the ring with another boxer, as they feature a pocket and straps that hold the Quest 2 controller right in the glove, making you forget about holding the controller and think more about punching the opponent in front of you!

$30 at Amazon

Don’t call ’em Lightsabers

AMVR Dual Handles Extension Grips


AMVR can’t call them what they are for obvious reasons, but we all know what these do: they turn your Oculus Quest 2 controllers into Lightsabers. The red and blue colors obviously scream Beat Saber, but they’re just as useful in the many Star Wars games you’ll only find in VR, like Vader Immortal’s incredible Lightsaber dojo. These will make your swings more accurate and give you that real Lightsaber feeling that only a proper handle could.

$25 at Amazon

Channeling Darth Maul

haptern VR Dual Handles Extension Grips


These Lightsaber-style grips are extremely similar to what you’ll get from AMVR, but the extra $5 cost means it comes with a connecting rod that turns these dual-grips into one large, dual-ended Lightsaber. That’s perfect for practicing your moves for the next Star Wars convention or, probably more appropriately, playing Beat Saber mods that make dual-ended sabers possible.

$30 at Amazon

Grab your paddle

AMVR Table Tennis Paddle Grip Handle


If you’re a fan of Eleven Table Tennis or Racket Fury on the Oculus Quest 2, you know how realistic the physics can feel, but without a real paddle, there’s just something missing. These paddle controllers from AMVR will turn your Quest 2 controllers at an angle that feels like an actual paddle and give them the correct balance to boot. Get a grip and get these for a better table tennis experience!

$20 at Amazon

Better ways to play

The Oculus Quest 2’s Oculus Touch controllers are amazing — there’s no doubt about that — but you can significantly enhance them with some very game-specific mods and accessories. If you were around for the Nintendo Wii, you probably had flashbacks going through this list. In some ways, you can find many similar accessories for that system for the same reason that add additional weight, longer grip, or even a totally different shape to allow the motion controls’ movement to feel more realistic.

As a universal solution, VR Cover’s Quest 2 grips will enhance just about any game. They don’t just add grip, though. The hand strap is soft and comfortable, wrapping around the back of your hand to keep the controller in place even if you let go. These straps also balance the controller’s weight, making it easier to move the joystick precisely or aim better. They’ll even enhance your swings in Beat Saber! We’ve even got Beat Saber-specific wands, which will make it feel more like you’re swinging lightsabers instead of a controller.

Fans of shooters will undoubtedly love the Glistco Magni Stock, a customizable gunstock that makes holding rifles more realistic and could significantly improve aim, helping to give you a competitive edge. Fans of arcade-style shooters will love MASiKEN’s light gun controllers, making each Quest 2 controller feel like a pistol, perfect for playing Pistol Whip or Crisis VRigade. Don’t forget those boxing gloves or tennis paddles if you’re into those types of games, as they’ll give you a better swing or a more realistic-feeling boxing punch thanks to bespoke designs.

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