Sunday, June 23, 2024

Share your photos with Nixplay’s 10.1-inch smart frame on sale for $140


One of Best Buy’s deals of the day includes the Nixplay 10.1-inch smart digital photo frame, and it’s down to $139.99. This price matches a low we’ve seen a couple times before, but the photo frame normally sells for around $180 or more. Amazon has a similar model, but it’s still over $160. The Best Buy price even beats out a sale going on from Nixplay. Like the name suggests, it is a one day deal. You won’t find this same low price available this time tomorrow.

Digital photo frames are excellent decorative pieces to have around your house. They make great gifts for family, and they help you keep in touch during a time when seeing people in person may not be so easy. Like any frame, the Nixplay holds a photo. Unlike normal frames, it holds an infinite amount of photos that you can change on a whim and change from anywhere. It’s like having an Instagram account featuring photos of the people you love on your living room side table.

The Nixplay uses a 10.1-inch LCD IPS display. It can display photos in a resolution that’s up to 1280 x 800 pixels. This gives you a lot of room to work with and a lot of detail for every picture. The frame can also automatically adjust based on whether it’s placed in portrait or landscape.

Connect the Nixplay to your Wi-Fi network. You’ll want to do this because it gives you some crazy control over the photos displayed in the frame. You can transfer photos to the frame instantly over the network. You can also use the Nixplay app on your smartphone to do the same thing. Control the frame, load playlists, and display your favorites using Amazon Alexa’s voice control if you want. It even works with photo websites and apps like Instagram, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, and more to synchronize directly with your frame.

The frame has an added benefit of being wall mountable. It even comes with the wall mounting screws you need. Or you can use it like a normal frame, placing it on your desk or a table.

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