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How to transfer your WhatsApp messages to Telegram



Don’t want to use WhatsApp anymore? There’s now an easy way to export your chats seamlessly to Telegram, and the best part is that it will even preserve the timestamps, so you won’t even notice you’ve switched to a new messaging platform. Here’s how to get started with transferring your WhatsApp messages to Telegram.

How to transfer your WhatsApp messages to Telegram

There are a few things to note when exporting chats from WhatsApp to Telegram. First is that you can move both one-to-one and group chats, but you can only do so one at a time. The second is that the person whose chat you’re moving to Telegram also needs to have an account set up with the service, because both parties will be able to see the chat once it’s transferred over. Furthermore, you can only import messages into private chats with your contacts.

Now that you have a basic idea as to how it works, here’s how to move your chats:

Open WhatsApp.
Select the chat that you want to export.

Tap the action overflow menu (three vertical dots on the right).


Hit More.
Choose Export chat.

Select if you want to transfer media as well. If so, hit Include media.


In the share menu, choose Telegram.
Now select a chat to import into Telegram. If you’re moving a one-on-one chat, it would ideally have to be the same person.

Once you pick the contact, you’ll see a confirmation dialog box. Hit Import to continue.


You’ll now see an Importing chat dialog box.

Once the chat has transferred over, you should see the entire message history on Telegram — with timestamps and media intact.


The ability to transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram removes any sort of friction when moving between the two platforms. I moved a few chats over to see how it would work, and I’m pleasantly astonished by how well the feature works. The best part is that you can save storage by deleting your older chats, making it a particularly great option if you’re using aa Android phone under $100 and has limited storage.

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