Friday, June 21, 2024

Give your PS5 a matte black makeover with this Dbrand faceplate


Act now or miss out on this exquisite matte black PS5 faceplate.


The PS5 looks great on its own, with the white aesthetic giving the console a futuristic look. But because the side panels are removable, you can easily customize the look of the console.

That’s where Dbrand’s PS5 Darkplate comes in. The limited-edition faceplate costs $50 and allows you to switch out the default white side panels for matte black versions, and you also get to customize the look of the middle skin for an additional $10.95 — there are eight color options. You can pick it up for the regular PS5 right now, with the Digital Edition coming soon.

This is a limited-edition product, and wave one is already sold out. So if you’re interested, hit up the link below and get your hands on Dbrand’s matte black PS5 faceplate.

Dbrand PS5 Darkplate


$50 at Dbrand

This is the best way to customize the look of your PS5. You get two matte black faceplates, and you get the option to choose between eight color options for the middle skin. You don’t want to miss out.

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