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The LG Velvet is stunningly gorgeous, so get a case to keep it that way


The LG Velvet has a unique name but is the best-designed phone we’ve seen from the company since the LG G6. Since the Velvet is already one of the best 5G phones that money can buy, you’ll want to keep it looking as good as it did when you took it out of the box. We’ve rounded up the best LG Velvet cases that you can find, taking out some of the guesswork when trying to find the best accessories.

Our favorite

Ringke Fusion


Staff Pick

The Ringke Fusion is our favorite case for the Velvet thanks to its see-through backplate and raised lips around the screen and camera. Ringke also knows that you don’t want to deal with a slippery phone, so it added extra grip with the TPU bumper. There are even lanyard holes on each side if you like to use a wrist strap.

$11 at Amazon $11 at Walmart $10 at Newegg

Tried and true

Spigen Rugged Armor


Spigen makes some of the most reliable cases and the Rugged Armor is the king of the company’s lineup. You’ll get the classic TPU/carbon fiber look and feel, along with Spigen’s Air Cushion technology for improved shock absorption.

$12 at Amazon

Kick it up

Ghostek Covert


With the Ghostek Covert, your LG Velvet will not only be able to withstand drops up to 8 feet, but there are three colors to choose from. There’s also a kickstand built into the back of the case, allowing you to prop up your phone when you need to free up your hands.

$15 at Amazon $15 at Walmart $15 at Newegg

This is Sparta

Poetic Spartan


While the LG Velvet sports a sleek and gorgeous design, you may find yourself needing something a bit more protective in terms of a case. The Poetic Spartan fits the bill quite nicely, as there’s a built-in screen protector, along with a combination of the polycarbonate shell and leather accents for a case that still looks almost as great as your phone.

$20 at Amazon $20 at Walmart

Forget about it

Anccer Ultra Slim Cover


Anccer’s Ultra Slim Cover comes in two different colors and measures just 0.3mm thick. This allows you to slap a case on your Velvet without making it too heavy to use. Anccer also has cutouts for all of your buttons and ports while wrapping around the corners of your phone.

$12 at Amazon

All the flowers

Leychan Flexible TPU Bumper


Some cases offer great looks with no protection and others provide great protection and a boring design. Leychan’s Flexible TPU Bumper solves those problems by offering a clear TPU case with reinforced corners and five unique patterns to choose from. Many of which revolve around different flowers.

$7 at Amazon

Bulk it up

PULEN Full-body Rugged Case


The problem with getting a case made with just one piece is that there’s no much “give” in the event of a drop. PULEN’s Full-body Case solves this by offering a polycarbonate backplate, surrounded by TPU. Then, there’s another front piece that snaps into place to keep your LG Velvet safe from drops and more.

$8 at Amazon

Traditional wallet

Foluu Canvas Folio Wallet


Foluu’s Canvas Folio gives you a more-traditional wallet case. The phone itself sits in a TPU case inside the wallet, and there are three card slots, along with a cash pocket on the inside flap. You can even use this folio to prop up your phone, and then keep it shut with the magnetic clip.

$10 at Amazon

Just the basics

Osophter Clear Cover

With a phone as gorgeous as the LG Velvet, you’ll want to be able to show it off all the time. The Osophter Clear Cover lets you do just that while providing reinforced bumpers and being made from both TPU and polycarbonate. This combination keeps your Velvet looking good and adds the grip to keep it in your hands.

$8 at Amazon

These are the best LG Velvet cases

There are a lot of great cases available for the LG Velvet but you just can’t get any better than the Ringke Fusion Case. The case is clear on the back, making it easy to show off the Velvet’s gorgeous design, and the bumpers provide extra protection and grip to keep your phone in your hands and not on the ground. Plus, those who enjoy using lanyards will be able to take advantage of the lanyard loops found on both sides of the Fusion case.

If you don’t care about having a clear case and just want a solid case, then the Spigen Rugged Armor is the way to go. You’ll get a classic design with the carbon fiber/TPU look and feel along with Spigen’s Air Cushion technology for added shock absorption. Plus, the inside of the case provides a spider-web pattern to go along with the raised edges around the display and camera module.

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