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How to put together an Instagram Top 9 on Android

Here’s how to find and share your most popular posts of the year!


Towards the end of each year, it becomes quite common to see your Instagram feed filled with people’s top nine most popular posts of the year. It’s a fun way to look back at your biggest highlights, and thankfully, making your own Top 9 is a lot easier than you were probably thinking.

First thing’s first, we need to download an app that’ll scan your Instagram account and make the collage of your popular photos for you. The app Top 9 is what’s used the most, and while that’s the app we previously recommended, we couldn’t get it to work this year (FWIW, a quick look at Play Store reviews shows a lot of people are having trouble with it). You can try using Top 9 if you want, but for this example, we’ll be using an app called Best Grid that effectively does the same thing.

Open the Google Play Store.
Search Top 9.
Tap on the app called Best Grid from developer BeakerApps.

Tap Install.


Enter your Instagram name.
Tap Create
Tap Close after reading your stats.

Tap Save in the upper-right corner.


Tap Save to Device.
Tap Allow.

Tap OK.


Once your collage is saved, you can then head to the Instagram app and share it on your feed for all of your followers to see! Best Grid does have shortcuts in the app for sharing directly to Instagram, but these didn’t want to work on my Pixel 4a. Thankfully, saving the file to your device works without a hitch.

Best Grid has a few other options you can play around with before posting, such as being able to watch a short ad to remove the watermark and tweaking the look/design of your collage. The free version of the app works perfectly for quickly making your collage, but if you want access to more themes and the ability to make a top 9 for previous years, you can buy the Pro version for just $1.99. It may not be on our list for the best Android apps, but as far as top 9 apps go, this is one of the champs.

What were your top 9 posts of the year?