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Home News Oculus temporarily ceasing Elite Strap shipments due to quality issues

Oculus temporarily ceasing Elite Strap shipments due to quality issues

The strap snapping issues might be more widespread than initially thought.


What you need to know

  • Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap shipments have been temporarily paused due to reports of quality issues.
  • Anyone currently in possession of a broken Elite Strap has been asked to contact Oculus Support for a resolution to the problem.
  • Stress tests on social media seem to point to a bad batch of straps rather than a widespread design flaw.

Update, November 3, 2020 (12:45 pm ET): An Oculus representative has provided us with this statement:

“Our teams are working hard to look into the reports we’ve heard. We still believe this is affecting a very small percentage of Elite Strap accessories. That said, it’s important to us that we’re always providing our customers with the highest-quality experience possible with our products; that’s why we’ve temporarily paused on shipping additional inventory from our distribution centers while we look into this.”

Facebook is temporarily ceasing shipments of Oculus Quest 2 Elite Straps amidst reports of quality issues. This, according to UploadVR, who received an email from Facebook regarding the Elite Strap with Battery, which has been on backorder on the official Oculus store for some time. Folks who have ordered the Elite Strap from Oculus should have received the same email noting that they can cancel their order if they so choose, or keep it and wait for Facebook to resume shipment.


We began seeing reports of problems with Elite Straps on social media as early as a few days after the Oculus Quest 2 launched. Initially, it appeared that some screws weren’t fully tightened and it was causing issues with the cranial strap coming loose from the headset, but a few days worth of reports began showing other issues.

The latest wave of Oculus Quest 2 content from popular VR YouTubers have focused on trying to break the Elite Straps in a similar way (or worse) than what has been posted on social media and have come to mixed conclusions. Some people have been able to easily break the straps, while others have completely bent them around only to find no issues at all. Whether it’s down to a bad batch of straps or a widespread design flaw isn’t yet certain, but Facebook doesn’t seem to want to add more calls to its customer service department after the initial wave of issues facing Oculus Quest 2 players.

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