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Home News Grab these Bluetooth headphones for 50% off in Walmart's Black Friday sale

Grab these Bluetooth headphones for 50% off in Walmart’s Black Friday sale

At 7 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 4, Walmart’s first of several Black Friday sales events begins! And one of the deals going live will be the JLab Audio Studio active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones for just $30. These are normally $60 headphones, and they’re still going for that price at other retailers like Best Buy. Now they’re going for half the price, and you know since it’s a Black Friday deal that it’s going to sell out quick. Be prepared!

JLab Audio Studio ANC Bluetooth headphones


This deal goes live at 7 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 4. It may or may not sell out quickly so if you’re interested, better set a reminder on your phone. The price is half off the regular cost of the headphones and one of the best deals we’ve ever seen.

$30 at Walmart

It’s amazing how inexpensive certain technologies have gotten recently. Active noise-cancelling used to be the sort of tech that was an absolute luxury to have and would set you back hundreds. Even Bluetooth was a lot less accessible at one point. Now it’s ubiqutous and actually makes a big difference when it comes to power consumption and wireless quality.

Well, the Jlab Audio Studio headphones have both and for such a little price. Plus, the headphones have the battery life to sustain the tech. If you’re using both Bluetooth and ANC, the battery can last for 28 hours or more. If you’re just using Bluetooth you can get 34 hours of playtime. That’s plenty of time for you to take these headphones with you when you’re traveling or just consuming some media on your mobile device.

You have lots of control over the headphones, too. Turn the ANC on or off, to preserve battery life, at the push of a button. ANC gives you the ability to hear only what you want to hear so you can drown out the sounds of the subway, airplane, or other obnoxious noises getting between you and your music.

You can also easily control your music with the touch of a button, The faux leather and Cloud Foam ear cushions and headband give you lasting comfort so you can wear them for all the hours the battery will last.

Check out the rest of the Black Friday deals going on throughout November and stay on top of all the new stuff we find!


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