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Home News Can you remove your Facebook account from Oculus Quest?

Can you remove your Facebook account from Oculus Quest?


Best answer: No. As of Sept. 2020, you can no longer remove your Facebook account from an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2. In fact, you’ll need it to access a lot of features.

  • A new level of wireless VR: Oculus Quest 2 (From $300 at Amazon)
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Forever entwined

While you could previously use a Facebook account or an Oculus account, you can no longer remove a Facebook account from Oculus Quest. Facebook announced the change in August 2020. If you preordered an Oculus Quest 2, just be aware that you’ll need to sign in with your Facebook account and won’t have any other options.

Oculus players that are still using an Oculus account have the option to merge their Oculus account with their Facebook account if they want. Just remember to use a legitimate Facebook account with your real name and not a fake account, as Oculus stated that it will ban players who use false identities.

Once you merge your Oculus account with your Facebook account, there’s no going back. Facebook says it will not require existing Oculus players to merge their accounts, but players might have issues beginning January 2023 if they do not, as Facebook is continuing to merge Oculus services with Facebook services.

A better way to play


The Oculus Quest 2 is a huge leap over the original Oculus Quest in every way. From the lighter and smaller design to the new, more comfortable head straps and face pads, the Oculus Quest 2 is designed for a more enjoyable experience. It’s also got more ergonomic controllers with a better button design, better haptic feedback, and longer battery life.

If that wasn’t enough, the Oculus Quest 2 features a processor that’s over three generations newer than the one found in the Oculus Quest. It’s also got a display that sports 50% more pixels than the original, and enough horsepower to add additional detail to all your favorite games.

Our pick

Oculus Quest 2


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Effortless VR

The Oculus Quest 2 brings all the best of Oculus to the best VR hardware Facebook has ever made.

Just in case

Oculus Quest 2 travel case


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For on-the-go VR

The Quest 2 travel case is the best way to take your truly wireless Quest 2 with you anywhere while keeping it super safe.

A better fit

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap


$49 at Amazon
$49 at Best Buy
$49 at Walmart

For all-around comfort

The Quest 2 Elite Strap provides substantial comfort improvements when compared to the head strap included with the Oculus Quest 2.


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