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Will Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 watch bands work on the Galaxy Watch 3?


Best answer: Yes, but only on the 41mm Galaxy Watch 3. Since the Galaxy Watch Active 2 used 20mm, and so does the new 41mm Galaxy Watch 3, you can use the same standard watch bands.

  • A spin on a classic: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (From $400 at Best Buy)
  • Now you can breathe: Sycreek 20mm Silicone Watch Band ($9 at Amazon)
  • Woven works: Barton 20mm Sailcloth Premium Nylon Weave Watch Band ($25 at Amazon)

Will you be able to use Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 bands on the new Galaxy Watch 3?

When you buy something, you want to be sure it’s right for you. This not only applies to your budget or lifestyle but also your personal style. Thankfully there are a lot of aftermarket ways to customize things these days. From custom vinyl wraps and fabrication to 3D printing or the tried and true option — paint. The same can be said for your smartwatch too. However, you don’t have to go that far to change up the look of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. A simple change of the watch band can go a long way toward achieving the desired look.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a very popular smartwatch with some great watch bands. Whether it was an original band from that watch or one that’s available for it, you may want to use the band for your new Galaxy Watch 3. Thankfully, the original Galaxy Watch Active 2 uses a standard watch band with a 20mm size, so it works with a lot of other watches.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is available in 45mm and 41mm sizes. The different size watches means that there are different band sizes as well. The 45mm variation requires a 22mm watch band, while the 41mm uses the same 20mm watch band size as the Galaxy Watch Active 2. So, this means your favorite Watch Active 2 watch bands, or any other 20mm straps, will work with your new 41mm Galaxy Watch 3; just not a 45mm variant.

Since the 20mm is such a common watch band size, there should be absolutely no shortage of choices to let you get just the right look for your new smartwatch.

Make it yours

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


$400 at Best Buy
$400 at B&H Photo

So you can be you

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 does everything from keeping track of your steps and sleep to showing notifications. All of it is done while looking great on your wrist, but it never hurts to have options for customizing the look with a new watch strap.


Sycreek 20mm Silicone Watch Band


$9 at Amazon

For your comfort

The perforated look of this watch band from Sycreek not only looks nice but also allows for good airflow through it, so your wrist stays comfy.

Set sail

Barton 20mm Sailcloth Premium Nylon Weave Watch Band


$25 at Amazon

Towards the perfect look

When buying a watchband, two things that are of high consideration are style and comfort. This watch band from Barton offers both. With a durable nylon weave on top and a smooth leather backing, this watch band will look great in any situation.


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