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These are the best smart locks that you can use with Alexa


Making your home smarter seems to be all the rage these days. There are smart speakers, smart TVs, and other accessories that let you control your life with your voice. One of the most significant conveniences in a home can come from installing smart locks, so you never have to fish a key out again and can manage guests easier. These are the best smart locks that support Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Best Overall: August Smart Lock Pro


The Smart Lock Pro is a stylish lock that works with most existing deadbolts, meaning you don’t need to replace your keys to use it. You can lock and unlock the door with an Alexa command, or the door can automatically unlock as you approach it with your smartphone. It supports smart home standards like Z-Wave Plus and Apple’s HomeKit and includes a Connect bridge that allows it to work over Wi-Fi.

That included bridge is key to this pick’s value, as many other connected smart locks require you to purchase a hub separately. We like the 24/7 activity feed, so you can see when your door and lock have been in use, as well as the ability to grant keyless access to anyone you wish. This lock talks with Alexa to let you know when you need to replace its batteries, which can be set up for automatic reorder on Amazon.com, so you never have to worry about it! About the only real complaint we’ve heard with this device is that the auto-lock feature can be a bit finicky at times, often engaging when an owner is merely heading out to the curb to take out the trash, or even if the door isn’t completely closed.


  • Sleek, modern styling
  • Available with Wi-Fi bridge
  • Door Sense lets you know the door is securely closed
  • 24/7 activity feed
  • Works with existing lock and keys


  • Does require a bridge to work with Alexa
  • Auto unlock feature can be finicky
  • The look may clash with some homes/doors

Best Overall

August Smart Lock Pro


  • $218 at Amazon
  • $250 at Best Buy
  • $200 at Walmart

Modern chic

With an included Wi-Fi bridge and an easy setup that works with your existing lock and keys, this modern smart lock is a great addition to any door.

Best Value: August Smart Lock


The standard Smart Lock doesn’t support HomeKit, even when attached to an August Connect (which isn’t included). However, it works just fine with Alexa for considerably less than the Pro. You can create guest “keys” for friends’ phones with a set expiration date, which makes it an ideal choice for Airbnb hosts, or anyone who doesn’t want to give out a physical key.

Like its more expensive sibling, this smart lock works with your existing lock and keys, so you don’t have to replace them, and it also features the Door Sense technology to let you know if your door is open or closed. Best of all, it will lock automatically when you leave, and unlock when you arrive back home. Just be careful — if multiple users are coming in and out of the home, you could get locked out if you don’t have your smartphone with you. Also, some users have noted that the mechanism can be quite loud, so don’t count on this to cover for you when you sneak in late.


  • More affordable than the Pro
  • Door Sense technology
  • Easy to create and share guest keys
  • 24/7 activity feed


  • August Connect Wi-Fi bridge not included
  • Auto-lock can be tricky with multiple users
  • The locking mechanism can be quite loud

Best Value

August Smart Lock


  • $113 at Amazon
  • $113 at Walmart

Smart, yet simple

The August Smart Lock gives you many of the features of the Pro model, at nearly half the cost. The biggest downside is that you’ll need to purchase a hub separately.

Modern Keypad: Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt


If you leave your phone at home, having a backup way to get back into your house is essential. A physical key is always smart, but a PIN may be more convenient. With the Schlage Connect, you can lock and unlock your door with Alexa (with a hub, sold separately), and the touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant so that you won’t give away your PIN. You can also set up alerts to tell if someone is trying to tamper with the lock or force their way inside. While this model does not work with the Amazon Key service, Kwikset offers several compatible models.

The device is simple to install and will let you know when the battery is running low with more than enough notice to order more. Schlage is known for its hardware prowess, and this device is no exception. It is made to ANSI Grade 1 standards that meet the highest levels of durability and security. As you might expect for such a solid piece of hardware, the locking mechanism can be pretty loud, and the interior panel may take up a bit more space than you’d expect.


  • Matte touchscreen hides fingerprints
  • easy access without keys or phone
  • ANSI Grade 1 security rating


  • Requires a separate hub
  • Loud mechanism
  • Relatively large device

Modern Keypad

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt


  • $189 at Amazon
  • $196 at Walmart

Tamper alerts

If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy smart lock solution that is not too futuristic or complicated, this device from Schlage has your back.

Most Futuristic: Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt


This unique smart lock offers extra security by scrambling the location of the buttons each time the screen turns on. You won’t be able to rely on muscle memory to input your code, but that also prevents would-be thieves from easily determining which numbers to press. There’s also a fingerprint reader on the side of the unit that can remember up to 99 unique prints. With all these fancy features, this lock kind of makes you feel like a spy.

Lockly’s app is intuitive and easy to navigate, and you’ll have no problem sharing access with guests, adding approved fingerprints, or checking on the battery status of the device. It’s nice to know that the Wi-Fi hub is included with purchase, and you don’t have to worry about ordering one separately. As much as we love this smart lock, there are a few downsides to it. For one, it’s one of the more expensive options we’ve come across. Also, the touchscreen smudges really easily, and it doesn’t get very bright, which can make inputting your code tricky in direct sunlight.


  • Dynamically changing keypad
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Wi-Fi hub included
  • Stores access history


  • One of the more expensive options
  • The touchscreen can get smudgy
  • Cannot increase touchscreen brightness

Most Futuristic

Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt


  • $300 at Amazon
  • $300 at Best Buy
  • $230 at Walmart

Fingerprint reader

With a dynamically changing keypad and fingerprint reader, this just might be the smartest door lock we’ve come across.

Tried and True: Yale Assure Lock


When you picture a traditional smart door lock, the Yale Assure is probably what you have in mind. It works perfectly with Alexa — with the additional purchase of a hub — and you can manage the lock from anywhere. It can remember 250 unique PIN codes, so you can assign codes to guests without giving out our master PIN. You can also lock every code out of the system at once, just in case something goes wrong. There are two physical keys included if you need them as well, and installation only takes a few minutes and a screwdriver. This lock is also equipped to work with the Amazon Key service.

This model comes with just the lock, but if you prefer to update your whole hardware setup, you can purchase bundles with various types of door handles in different styles and colors. This lock is weather resistant and comes with two physical backup keys should you forget your code or something goes amiss. Perhaps best of all is that this device is quiet, unlike many other locks on this list.


  • Stores up to 250 unique pin codes
  • Simple tap to lock
  • Comes with two physical backup keys
  • Quiet, motorized deadbolt


  • Requires a separate hub
  • Auto-lock only works from outside

Tried and True

Yale Assure Lock


  • $172 at Amazon
  • $230 at Best Buy
  • $199 at Walmart

Touch sensitive

This traditional looking smart lock has all the conveniences you might want, plus it is weather resistant and quiet.

Modern Day Classic: Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt


This lock has a lot in common with the Yale version above but sports a more practical, Spartan look. It’s available in four traditional colors, including bronze, chrome, and nickel, but in my opinion, the matte black is the best-looking option.

The lock features built-in Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t require a hub. Its surface is resistant to fingerprints so that it won’t give away your passcode pattern. It also works with the Key by Amazon program, so that you can pair it with connected cameras to see who is coming and going, as well as grant access to trusted visitors and vendors. While it does support these features, you cannot get it to unlock automatically with your device based on your proximity to the door, so that is something to keep in mind when comparing against your other options.

Amazon is currently offering a bundle paired with an Echo Dot, so if you don’t currently have an Alexa-enabled device, or if you’re looking to pick up an extra, this could be a good value for you.


  • Works with Key by Amazon
  • No hub required
  • Smudge-free keypad
  • Available in a bundle with Echo Dot


  • Pricey
  • No auto-unlocking feature

Modern Day Classic

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt


  • $212 at Amazon
  • $250 at Best Buy
  • $249 at Walmart

Hub free

The Schlage Encode sets up quickly, works without a hub, and supports Amazon’s Key program to allow trusted visitors access.

Best Hybrid Lock: Kwikset Kevo Convert


Like the August locks, the Kevo Convert only replaces your interior lock, meaning you don’t have to replace your keys — perfect for rental homes. It automatically unlocks when you approach it, and it can automatically lock after 30 seconds. If you purchase the Kevo Connected Hub, you’ll be able to operate the lock with Alexa, too. You can get notifications when guests access the door, and you can set it up with the Kevo 2 smart lock for no-touch open-door entry. You can also send eKeys to your guests’ smartphones, or lock any guest out remotely.

While this model does not work with the Amazon Key service, Kwikset offers a version of the Kevo Convert, as well as several other models that are compatible. Unlike other options, the Kevo Convert can work with deadbolts from Kwikset, Weiser, Baldwin, or Schlage, making it an even more versatile option.


  • Easily converts dumb locks to smart ones
  • Works with Kwikset, Weiser, Baldwin, or Schlage deadbolts
  • Very affordable
  • No-touch to open compatibility


  • Requires a hub to work with Alexa
  • You’ll need a Kevo 2 smart lock to take advantage of no-touch open feature
  • You have to have a smartphone on hand to unlock it

Best Hybrid Lock

Kwikset Kevo Convert


  • $70 at Amazon
  • $110 at Walmart

Great for renters

The Kevo Convert is a brilliant option for those who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a smart lock system, or who don’t want to replace their existing hardware and keys.

Bottom line

Many of the best smart locks can work with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, but hands-down, our favorite is the August Smart Lock Pro. It may be on the pricey side, but it supports a wide range of smart home standards, works without replacing your external lock, and looks fantastic. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, you might want to check out the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt. Or perhaps you’re ready to jump into the future with both feet and try out the James Bond-esque Lockly Secure Pro.

Some of these smart locks from manufacturers like Yale, Kwikset, and Schlage work with Amazon’s new Key service. Amazon Key connects specific smart cameras, security systems, doorbells, and smart locks. It allows you to see and grant access to your home. However, the Amazon Key service requires that you purchase a pre-set security bundle (or buy the items a-la-carte), which can be a pricey proposition.

Note that many of these smart locks will require the purchase of batteries and a hub – so be sure to factor that into your purchasing requirements. All in all, you can’t go wrong with one of the smart locks on this list if you’re looking to get set up with Alexa!

Credits — The team that worked on this guide


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