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Home News Google Images gets smarter with contextual information for mobile searches

Google Images gets smarter with contextual information for mobile searches

Knowledge Graph now plugs into Google Images.


What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out Knowledge Graph integration with Images.
  • Image searches in the U.S. for certain types of photos will show additional relevant contextual information.
  • The integration will roll out from this week, with more languages planned.

Google will start integrating its Knowledge Graph better with Google Images, sharing more contextual information about certain pictures when you carry out a search on mobile in the U.S.

Google’s Angela Wu, Software Engineer, Search, shared on Wednesday:

Let’s say you’re searching for beautiful state parks to visit nearby. You want to swim during your visit, so you tap on a picture of a park with a river. Beneath the photo you might see related topics, such as the name of the river, or which city the park is in. If you tap a specific topic, it will expand and show you a short description of the person, place or thing it references, along with a link to learn more and other related topics for you to explore. With this information, you can better understand the image you’re viewing and whether the web page is relevant to your search.

Google is making this feature available to the U.S. from this week in English, and it will expand to more languages and images as time passes.

If you use the Google Photos app on Android though, Lens integration also already offers similar functionality in Photos for pictures you take yourself, and that’s available now.

Google will begin fact checking your image searches


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