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It’s easy to swap out the keyboard on your Android phone and here’s how


Most stock keyboards on Android are pretty great, but whether you’re after more customization options, want a new layout, or anything else in between, switching to a new keyboard takes just a few taps and a little bit of patience. Need some help figuring this out? Here’s a step-by-step guide on exactly what this process looks like.

Products used in this guide

  • The Google phone: Google Pixel 4 (From $627 at Amazon)

How to download a new keyboard

First thing’s first, you need to download a new keyboard from the Play Store. Let’s get that knocked out.

Open the Google Play Store on your phone.
Search “keyboard”.
Choose whichever keyboard you want to download (we’re using SwiftKey for this example).

Tap Install.


How to change your keyboard

Now that you’ve downloaded a keyboard (or two) you want to try, here’s how to start using it.

Open the Settings on your phone.
Scroll down and tap System.

Tap Languages & input.


Tap Virtual keyboard.

Tap Manage keyboards.


Tap the toggle next to the keyboard you just downloaded.

Tap OK.


Open your keyboard (this can be in your texting app, Gmail, Google Search — anything that opens the keyboard).
Tap the keyboard icon in the bottom-right corner.

Tap the keyboard you want to switch to.


And with that, you’re done! If you ever want to switch back to your old keyboard, just follow the steps above. Happy typing!

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